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Valya is a company born from the initiative of its two founders, Illya and Valéry, who wish to raise awareness of the importance of food for health, well-being and fulfilment. Valya is a company with various activities, including the production of cold-pressed seasonal fruit juices, a delicatessen and a point of sale for healthy dishes based on seasonal products. The objective? Finished products that are 100% natural, 100% organic, in 100% biodegradable packaging.

project goals

The objective of this project was to create different visual photos to promote the brand on social networks and to illustrate the website whose redesign was piloted by our communication agency Habefast. The objective was also to create two promotional videos, a motion design video to explain the production and the Valya concept and a video to promote a crowfunding action.


The photo shoots for Valya were various. Our photographers were notably able to make portraits of the founders, photos of the raw products for the website with a work of light to highlight the products and finally photos of the premises, the space and the products offered in situation.

Concerning the videos, the creation of a motion design video helped to explain the production and the Valya concept, to highlight the advantages and benefits of cold pressed natural juices. This video was produced with an illustrator from our agency Habefast who drew the illustrations necessary for the video so that our motion-designer could animate the characters and create the various graphic animations. Finally, it is a voice over and integrated images that made this motion design video complete. A real team effort!
The second video was used to promote Valya’s successful crowfunding action. This video, composed of interviews, video shots of the preparation of salads, as illustration shots to energize the video, and images of the preparation of fruit juices helped to promote the work of Valya’s new premises and points of sale. It was subsequently broadcast on social networks to convey their message.
Finally, images of product preparation were also used to create the banners for the website.