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Sports photography cannot be improvised. It requires a certain amount of experience, because it’s all about the moment! The sports photographer must be more vigilant than in other photographic fields, the objective being to capture a moment, a movement.

For your team or individual sports, indoors or outdoors, our audiovisual production studio LakeProd will help you capture your most beautiful moments. Our professional sports photographers will ensure you high quality pictures and shots.

why use a sports photographer?

Sport, a moment of surpassing oneself, but also of sharing, requires the use of a professional photographer to capture the efforts and emotions of the athletes. The photographer must be able to find the ideal shot, but also know how to freeze the moment to have quality photos. He must also capture the atmosphere of the event as well as the surrounding environment.

The sports event photographer must therefore show a lot of attention and concentration. He has to keep an eye on the actions of the game and the athletes, but also on the people around the match: the referee, the substitutes, the staff and of course the public.

His expertise will allow him to capture not only moments, but above all strong emotions, those of the athletes and the public. The aim is to freeze a moment that will remain engraved in time.

Sports photography therefore requires a lot of experience as well as the know-how to be very reactive.

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sports photography, our passion

Sports photography is an exciting but demanding discipline. It requires precise technical knowledge and high-performance photo equipment. Our photographers specialized in sports, with their experience in sports events, have all the keys in hand to enhance your meetings and your sporting events: swimming, athletics, cycling, trail, hiking, mountain biking, rallies, motocross or badminton, baseball, judo and of course board sports … they adapt to all sports and all environments.

As sportsmen and women are on the move, it is essential to have high-performance equipment that allows you to obtain high-resolution visuals and shots.

The post-processing of digital photos is not to be outdone. This will allow you to obtain an optimal result, in accordance with your expectations.

Moreover, we can promote your events with authentic communication supports.

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the art of responsiveness

Every moment is precious during a sporting event, but the most beautiful moments can arise on any occasion.

Our sports photographers have a good knowledge of different sports disciplines, which allows them to better anticipate the actions and movements of your athletes.

Moreover, if it is an outdoor event, they will adapt to the climatic hazards that may be encountered.

Whether it is to highlight your warm-up sessions, your training sessions, your competitions, your annual events, team or individual… Our sports photographers put all their know-how at your disposal.