Video digital learning

Our team is used to working on digital learning video formats that are both dynamic and entertaining, to capture learners’ attention and offer them an optimal, personalized learning experience.

We can also support you at various stages of the project, from strategic thinking to scripting and quizzing.

What is digital learning?

Digital learning is a learning format that enables participants to follow training courses at their own pace.

It has become particularly popular with companies since the Covid-19 pandemic and has become an essential tool for distance professional training.

Unlike e-learning, where the training structure is rigid, digital learning is a method that, thanks to its different format options, can be adapted more easily to a target audience, offering companies or organizations the opportunity to train their teams remotely and at lower cost.

This method also makes it possible to combine digital learning with active participation in face-to-face training, which is a winning combo for HR teams, offering the possibility of structuring training processes for employees, for example by integrating online quizzes at the end of training to check knowledge acquisition.

Facilitate access to training

One of the big benefits of digital learning is that learners can follow courses at their own pace, independently of time and place. They also have direct access to the parts that interest them, enabling them to adjust their learning according to their level of knowledge.

The fact that there are no physical constraints is also a considerable advantage for learners, as they can adapt their schedule to their convenience.

Capture the audience's attention

With its innovative design and format, digital learning is particularly well suited to Generation Z.

Thanks to its user-friendly format, it is also an excellent resource for other generations, a little more reticent with new technologies.

The various visuals help to capture learners’ attention and motivate them to learn. As visual communication is one of the most effective means of communication, learners will find it easier to develop knowledge or skills in a fun way and have fun learning them.

What are the latest formats?

Here are two main formats for which our teams are used to supporting our customers:

MOOC (Massive Online Open Course): targeting a wide audience, this type of e-learning is made up of video sequences, MCQs and a discussion forum for exchanges with other learners or trainers.

COOC (Corporate Online Open Course): quite similar to the MOOC, there is also a version for large companies, with much more specific, business-oriented content (IT, data management, web development…).

These different methods enable you to tailor your training to your target audience and choose the most effective tools for your teams, offering different types of content such as tutorial videos and quizzes.

What we offer

Our specialized audiovisual production team can help you set up videos for your digital learning courses.

In addition to our traditional video services (tutorials, interviews, practical exercises, discussions, etc.), we offer a number of less conventional formats, such as motion design, animated videos and illustrations.

From writing the script to editing and post-production, we’ll ensure you get the best possible results, thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and experience in the field.

We can also help you plan your learning strategy, selecting the right format for your target audience and advising you on how to present and share your information.

To do this, we create dynamic and entertaining videos, creating real engagement with learners by striking the right balance between the digital and the human.