park gstaad - restaurant gastronomique

Lakeprod Realisations Projets Video Park Gstaad Gastronomie

background and objectives

The 5-star hotel complex in Park Gstaad offers a wide range of activities in an exceptional setting. Among them is a gastronomic restaurant with renowned chefs. In this context, our audiovisual communication agency Lakeprod aimed to highlight these chefs, their talent and creativity. Through the production of a condensed video, the Lakeprod videographers’ mission was to highlight the culinary art within the luxurious environment of Park Gstaad.

Lakeprod Realisations Projets Video Park Gstaad Gastronomie 3


In order to meet the different objectives, the Lakeprod videographers produced a 30-second video featuring the various cooks of the Park Gstaad restaurant and their culinary achievements. In order to arouse curiosity and stimulate the senses, our videographers relied on emotion. In particular, they were able to convey the cooks’ passion for their job and the pleasure they take in doing it.