Park gstaad - bike lounge

Lakeprod Realisations Projets Video Park Gstaad Bike Lounge

background and objectives

The 5-star hotel complex in Park Gstaad offers a wide range of sports activities. One of them is cycling. A partnership with Bianchi has been designed to make life easier for cycling guests, from organising bike outings to direct access to a Bike Lounge – a dedicated area for cyclists providing a maintenance area and secure storage for bikes. Highlighting this partnership is essential in order to show its added value to Park Gstaad customers. Our aim is to show the possibilities of the new space for cyclists staying at Park Gstaad. In this context, our Lakeprod videographers have produced a promotional video of the “Bike” activity of Park Gstaad.

Lakeprod Videos Th Park Gstaad Bike Lounge


In order to present this partnership between Park Gstaad and Bianchi, our videographers made a filming in which a cyclist was able to fully enjoy the Bike Lounge. Find out more about our filming now.