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Lakeprod Photography Studio Headband

Are you looking for a professional photographer for your image needs?

Our LakeProd production agency is here to help you with all your projects.


Our team of photographers has a wealth of experience covering a range of areas including professional portrait, fashion, sports, culinary photography and packshots.

By drawing on their know-how, our photo experts are able to adapt and respond to all your requests, guaranteeing the production of visual content in line with your vision.



At the heart of our approach is a major concern: customer satisfaction.

Our photographers have an in-depth understanding of the importance of images in positioning your brand and conveying your messages to your audience.

This vision guides each of our projects, enabling us to create meaningful images that are true to your corporate identity.

The positive feedback we receive from our satisfied client base is testament to our commitment to the quality work of our team.


LakeProd benefits from a varied team, each with their own expertise. Among its members are videographers capable of capturing key moments, video editors specialising in stitching together shots, and photographers expert in staging and capturing evocative images. At the same time, our post-production specialists pay close attention to the quality and finish of each production.

Although distinct, these professions work in close synergy to bring to life the audiovisual projects entrusted to us.

Our photography studio draws on a wide range of in-house skills to support you at every stage of your project, from the shooting stage through to final retouching.


Are you looking for professional photographers capable of enhancing your project with high-quality shots?

Based in Nyon, our production agency is the focal point of our activities. We work with partners all over Switzerland, from Geneva to Neuchâtel, via Lausanne.

Whatever your request or region, our commitment is to offer you a service that meets your specific needs.


Do you work outdoors or in a studio for a photo or video shoot?

Our team is adaptable and can meet the specific requirements of each request. We can work both outside and in the studio, depending on your image requirements.

For a portrait shoot, for example, we offer outdoor options for a natural touch or indoor in your premises or our photo studio for precise control of lighting and atmosphere, suitable for corporate portraits.

What types of photo and video projects do you handle?

We cover a wide range of photo and video projects, such as photo shoots (fashion, sport, portrait, etc.), architectural photos, corporate photos, watchmaking photos, as well as advertising videos, reports and much more.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Do you have any examples of watchmaking references?

Yes, you can see some concrete examples on our page dedicated to watch photography, where we have captured Tissot and Kauri watches during photo shoots.

Discover the watchmaking photography category by clicking here!

How long does a portrait shoot usually last in your photo studio?

The length of a portrait photo session varies according to the package chosen, the number of photos and how comfortable you are with the camera. On average, it lasts between 20 and 45 minutes.

Our photographer will work with you to select the photos that suit you best and guarantee a satisfactory result.

What should I wear for a professional, CV or LinkedIn portrait shoot?

The outfit you choose plays an essential role in your ability to stand out in the photo you use for your CV or your social networking profiles such as LinkedIn.

It is advisable to choose an outfit that suits your sector of activity, while reflecting your image in a way that is consistent with the professional environment you are targeting.

Generally speaking, elegance and simplicity are recommended for a quality photo.

Do you have any examples of promotional video shoots?

Of course, we’re delighted to present a few examples below:

  1. A presentation video for Meanquest, a company specialising in helping businesses with their IT transformation.
  2. Coverage of a karting race by a young driver sponsored by Canna, a producer of nutritional substances.

Take a look at other videos on our YouTube channel to get an idea of our work.

How can I make an appointment to discuss my project with you?

You can contact us by telephone on +41 (0) 22 362 25 72 or simply by filling in our contact form.

Have you worked with any well-known brands or clients?

Yes, our experience ranges from small companies to renowned multinationals such as Tissot and Tag Heuer. We have had the opportunity to work with many partners and customers who have chosen to place their trust in us.

Find some of these examples in the “Client” section!

Can you work with my marketing team?

Absolutely, we are experienced in working with marketing teams.

A recent example is the production of the employer brand video for Tag Heuer, where we worked closely with their teams for several months.

Do you offer photo retouching services?

Yes, we offer retouching services to give your photos a professional and captivating look.

From brightness and colour to removing imperfections, we personalise your images to reflect your vision.

How are the files delivered?

Photos and videos are delivered by email, in HD (high definition) format.

What are your copyright rules?

Copyright is included in our services. The files belong to you, so you can use them legally for your specific needs.