Advertising spot

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An advertising spot is often designed to be very short and impactful.

We usually work with formats of around 10 seconds. This is a demanding and special exercise, because it has to capture the attention of the people watching it and make it easier to remember by highlighting the key elements to be promoted.

We can support you from the strategic planning stage right through to the broadcast of your advertising spot, including, of course, the various production stages.

Examples of advertising spot

Adventerra Games

Reyl – Success Together


Country Club Geneva


Région de Nyon

David Lloyd Clubs

AVMAT – Azimut range

Why the promotional spot?

An advertising spot is an effective investment that reaches a wide audience and raises your profile. They can be broadcast on television, but also on small screens.

Today, social networks have become a preferred medium for consumers.

In our production studio, we aim to give a completely different aspect to the commercial. We want your customers to have a pleasant time watching your video and in this way give a positive image of your company.

The advertising message will create an emotional bond with your consumers, giving them a positive image of your company and influencing their purchasing decision.

In this way, advertising improves your reputation. Whether it’s for a TV spot, a YouTube video, your social networks or your website, our video experts will adapt to your needs and budget to create an advertising film that highlights your brand image and values.

How does the advertising videographer create your promotional spot?

The purpose of advertising is first and foremost to get a message across to its viewers. It can be to announce the launch of a product or simply to make its products or services known.

It is necessary to attract and influence the choice of an audience through this message so that they choose this product and not that of a competitor.

To do this, the commercial director makes sure that the message is clear, direct and effective.

We work on the emotional impact of the spot to promote memorization and we apply the skills of our neuro-marketing specialists to ensure that the commercials we produce have the effect our clients expect.

Today the best channel to achieve these goals is the internet. Social networks allow us to quickly and efficiently broadcast a video to a very large number of people of all ages and with very different profiles. Moreover, sharing between friends and acquaintances is very easy and it is a common use of social networks.

But for this to happen, the video spot must be visually pleasing and have a strong message.

What kind of commercials are we offering?

Our audio-visual production studio is used to create TV and film spots. We also produce impactful commercials for companies in various sectors.

The realization of advertising spots requires a lot of know-how ranging from marketing to professional video editing. At LakeProd, we have all the necessary expertise for the good realization of your promotional video.

We create short but powerful videos to be broadcast on the channels of your needs by adding music that will have an emotional and mnemonic function.

We create innovative commercials that will arouse the curiosity of the spectators. The objective is that they want to watch the video on their own and that they do not feel constrained. We bring out stories and experiences from the product or service.

To create interest and capture attention, we can use different techniques that will fit your message. It is possible for us to do the capture in our studios or in the location of your choice, indoors or outdoors.

We use, for example, motion design for the creation of attractive and dynamic animations, drawn video where we can share a story with illustrations, 3D modeling to recreate the product or space of your choice, or compositing to integrate what you want into your image.

Our goal is to give a whole new aspect to advertising and to inspire emotion in the viewer with a power of fascination.

Would you like to make a promotional video?

With LakeProd, the advertising spot reproduces the pleasure of discovery found in fiction and captivates the viewer. This way, your potential customers are more likely to listen to the marketing message and have a good time. You associate your products or services with an experience of true pleasure.

Please contact us and we will discuss your future project together.