OPTIC 2000

Lakeprod Projet Optic 2000 Bandeau@2x

We had the opportunity to do various fashion photo shoots over the years for the Optic 2000 brand of opticians.

We’ve also worked on shoots with children. The idea each time is to create universes that sublimate a person wearing a pair of glasses in a state of mind definitely focused on fashion and lifestyle.

Creating impactful visuals

We mixed the codes of portrait photography, fashion photography and advertising photography to create impactful visuals befitting the creations of the various brands distributed by Optic 2000.

Setting up shoots

We also took care of the logistical aspects of the various shoots, including casting, pre-production location scouting, shoot organization, etc. We also took particular care with post-production work and image retouching to create dynamic, high-impact visuals.