Our professions

Videographer & cameraman

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As part of our LakeProd team, our videographers and cameramen combine expertise and creativity to transform your vision into a captivating visual narrative, from initial concept to post-production completion.

Our videographers orchestrate the film from A to Z, integrating framing, lighting, editing and colour grading to ensure that your messages and values are clearly communicated. Our cameramen are involved in capturing the shots, and can also assist the production team with editing if required.

Examples of videos


Porsche – Cayenne

Conservatoire de musique de Genève

Country Club Geneva – Candied carrots recipe

Lakeprod – Jura

Nyna Shanti – Trouver sa force

cameraman, a profession that combines technique and creativity

Our teams attach great importance to the quality of the framing and video recording of your project. Our cameraman is responsive to your requests and carries out his missions thanks to a quality equipment (professional camera, Swiss drone…). Thus, it operates whatever the conditions and field of activity of your company, while guaranteeing a careful and efficient video editing.

In addition to this technical knowledge, there is also creativity and an artistic spirit that add value. To give you complete satisfaction in the realization of your project, our cameraman remains on the lookout for all the evolutions in the video field. He keeps abreast of new developments, whether they concern photo and video equipment or production techniques. It also closely follows current trends and fashions and maintains an incubator of ideas, which allows it to offer you original and up-to-date video productions.

why use video to promote your products?

The importance of video has increased considerably in recent years thanks to its effectiveness in terms of customer relations: it increases its memorization, and therefore influences the strength and quality of the memories left by your brand.

Did you know? 59% of executives prefer video to reading text. For a reason: an individual retains 70% of the data seen on video compared to 20 to 30% for other media.

It is crucial to make a video or photo production targeting social networks. To reach your targets, you have to look for them where they are, on Facebook, Instagram… Video content makes your social networks more interactive and therefore more likely to involve your customers.

To this end, if you wish, our video photographer will script your video for you and produce it until the final video touch-ups are made. He will be able to offer you coherent content to integrate into your websites, advertising campaigns or social networks. Do you want to expand your communication? Contact us for a personalized quote.

the videographer's word

Demand has never been so high and this is understandable, given the impact that a video can have on a client’s decision-making. I think it’s more relaxing to watch a video than to read an article. More information is transmitted in a minimum of time and this encourages memorization. That’s why video is so effective.