boutique hotel

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Hotel photo shooting

A hotel is often a unique place to experience beautiful moments that will leave immaculate memories in the minds of its guests. The Chandolin Boutique Hotel is no exception to this rule, offering a unique environment in which to blossom. We were lucky enough to be able to carry out an all-inclusive photo shoot, combining the hotel photo shoot, the outdoor shoot and the culinary photo shoot.

A unique environment

The hotel is magnificent and offers a cosy nest from which to discover the exceptional natural surroundings. We had a lot of fun taking photos of the hotel’s infrastructure, but also of the activities on offer close to the hotel, such as cycling and fishing. The panoramas are sumptuous and lend themselves perfectly to the kind of inspiring photos we love to take.

Dream dishes

The chef’s cuisine is inventive and very colorful, which enabled us to take lively food photos to showcase the vegetables and flowers that make up the dishes. The food photos we produced were distributed on a variety of media (website, social networks, communication supports, newsletter).