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What is a packshot?

The packshot can be a visual or a photo. A packshot is a high quality close-up of a product. This photo or visual can then be used for an e-commerce site, for a communication or marketing campaign.

A packshot to promote your company and your products?

The packshots will be the first visuals available of your products on your website. They are the way to retranscribe the image of your products but also of your company. It is also a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

You can call upon our professional photographers of our studio Lakeprod to make your packshots. They will know how to emphasize your products to differentiate them from your competitors to cover your site with attractive visuals.

The quality of a packshot allows you to show all the little details of your product. These details allow you to prove to your customers the quality of what you offer and give them confidence.

What are the elements to take into account for a successful packshot?

To achieve a quality packshot, a number of elements must be taken into account:

  • The light is an important element to take into account. You can manage the type of lighting, the color of the light, but also the shadows.
  • Your product must be highlighted. In your packshot, you must highlight the identity of your products. It is therefore attractive to reproduce the environment that characterizes the product in the packshot.
  • Play with colors. It is important to create a color scheme that will highlight the product. The background must also be carefully thought out in order to blend in as well as possible with the world of your company and the product.

The different types of packshot

Today, the possibilities for making packshots to highlight your packaging are varied.

Among the different types of packshots, one of the most used is the white background. This technique, which is the clearest way to present your products, consists in finding your product on a white background which will put it in the foreground of the image.

To allow customers to imagine their daily life with the product, the photo contextualized is a technique widely used. In this type of packshot, you will find your products in their environment. For example, if your product is a soap, you can create a contextualized photo in a bathroom to create your packshot.

You can opt for 360 degree views that will undoubtedly dazzle and impress your customers. Packshots with 360-degree views offer the opportunity to discover a product from all angles to observe every detail. Customers will be able to zoom in and vary the angles of the image.

Having close-ups on products allows to see every detail. This is called the close-up technique. This type of packshot is used for very detailed products such as watches for example.

Our team of photographers is at your service for your packshots

The good realization of a packshot takes place in a studio during a photo shooting. The photographers will look for the right lighting and the right angles to enhance your products and produce quality visuals.

Our professional photographers take care of the realization of these packshots in our studios to take high definition images. Thanks to an excellent quality equipment at the cutting edge of technology, we can meet all your expectations to highlight your packaging, your products or your objects.