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Industrial professions are often very interesting to show in images.

Photos and videos can be used to illustrate know-how, and also to promote the company and the job in the eyes of the company’s various stakeholders.

Examples of industrial videos

Combe Driver Services

Savoy verre

Comfone – Data Management


Comfone – Artificial Intelligence

Why industrial video?

The world of the industry being very diversified, it arouses our affection within our audiovisual production studio. It is a sector that requires experience and know-how to be able to make the most of it, and it is always a pleasure for us to discover the production activity of our clients and the new challenge that awaits us.

What seems difficult for some people to take on video is a source of motivation for us. Whatever the subject of the video, whether it is macroscopic or very large, complex or delicate, do not hesitate to call on our expertise in this type of situation. We will put all our know-how and experience at your service.

How to showcase your know-how and your factory through video?

Whatever your need in terms of video, we have the necessary equipment for the different shots. Whether it is for a factory video, a video of industrial premises or a video of a production line, we find the right framing to put in image and enhance what you want to show through our video report.

For outdoor shots or for very large tools, we can pilot a drone and have an aerial view.

An industrial videographer is aware of the safety instructions to be respected in an industrial space with machines and tools that require an adapted protocol. It is through his experience that he is able to take the necessary measures for his own safety and that of the people present. The video of industrial production must be carried out in compliance with the rules and with an adapted intervention method. It requires technique and experience.

What we offer

We think it is important to be able to illustrate your business with images in your various communication media. With professional videos presenting your know-how and your environment, you will be able to publish them on your website or your social networks and bring out the human dimension of your company and convey its values.

We are accustomed to highlighting production jobs, production lines or the meticulous execution of certain tasks. We will then make a video montage of what you want with a style that reflects your company.

It doesn’t matter what type of video project you wish to develop: descriptive, explanatory, historical… We adapt to different issues and environments. Our goal is to bring you a quality video that is representative of your identity.

Would you like to work with us?

Whatever you are looking for, our videographers’ job is to meet your needs through quality video. We will highlight the elements that seem important to you and we will adapt to the subject, whether it is outdoor or indoor, whether it is about your employees or their tools…we are listening to you. For this, you can ask for a free quote, and we will discuss your future project together.