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When working on a video project, it is often necessary to think about different approaches to dealing with a subject and translating it visually.

The director’s role is to create this vision for the project, which will then be executed by the production team. It is the conductor that helps define the messages and guides the aesthetic and narrative choices for the video.

Examples of videos

Cartier X EHL

Reyl – Success Together

Les Dents du midi

Nyna Shanti – J’ai vu

Adventerra Games

EPS C.F. Ramuz – Forum

the role of producer

In audiovisual communication as in cinema, the director plays the same role as the director in theatre. The director ensures the realization of a short film, a clip or a video. He or she is also involved in the preparation phase of your corporate film, as well as in the post-production stages.

In a way, he is the conductor of a video production. He manages the technical team and the actors on the basis of a scenario established with you beforehand. The director of our agency plays an essential role in the setting up of your audiovisual project.

highlight your company's message

From production to post-production, our director leads the entire audiovisual work. He works with passion and commitment to highlight the message and values you want to convey to your potential customers and partners.

The director must ensure that the shots are taken correctly. For this, he has to make many choices. He must choose the aesthetic aspects of the film, the rhythm, the music, the actors, for example. On the shooting site, the scenes are shot according to the director’s orders. He is therefore the super coordinator of the audiovisual work you need to promote your event, your new collection or your company. Our director will take the time necessary to clearly define with you your needs, values and messages that you want to convey through your corporate film or video presenting your latest product. He knows how to listen and clearly communicate your requests to the film crew.

from production to post-production

The director is present at each stage of the film’s production. In the early stages of the project, he/she clearly defines your needs with you, to ensure that he/she conveys a message that is consistent with your communication strategy and objectives. Once the basics of the project are clearly defined, our director carefully prepares all the steps to start shooting. For this purpose, it defines the artistic orientations, sets, the type of editing of the film, the rhythm, the sound, etc. It also defines the choice of actors or models who take part in the audiovisual project.

In both the production and post-production phases, our agency’s director makes a unique film that perfectly matches your expectations, a film that stand out from your competitors and improves your audience on the Internet and social networks.

Do you want to use the expertise of our director to create a unique film, designed just for you? Please contact our agency. We are at your disposal to answer all your questions. We will send you a free and non-binding quote.

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