park gstaad - golf

Lakeprod Realisations Projets Video Park Gstaad Golf 2

background and objectives

The 5-star hotel complex in Park Gstaad offers a wide range of activities, both sporting and relaxing. Among them, Park Gstaad has a restaurant and a golf course. In this context, our audiovisual communication agency Lakeprod aimed to highlight these multiple leisure opportunities located in an exceptional setting. The objective of this project was therefore to highlight not only the presence of a restaurant within the hotel complex, but also its proximity to a golf course, thus allowing guests to combine sports and leisure activities.

Lakeprod Realisations Projets Video Park Gstaad Golf 3


In order to meet this objective of highlighting the various activities available at Park Gstaad, the videographers of the Lakeprod studio have created a spot showing the golf course and the restaurant at Park Gstaad. In this video, the different infrastructures are highlighted with the slogan “Everything is possible. Almost everything”… whose meaning is to be discovered in the video below.