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To facilitate your communication, get your message across simply and effectively and thus strengthen your visibility and your brand image, the photo is an indispensable tool. By capturing a moment, the photo allows you to highlight your know-how, an event, a product or a service.

Photography by Lakeprod

Located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, our studio accompanies companies and institutions in Switzerland and abroad in the construction of their visual communication. Our team of experienced photographers is composed of passionate people, but also of specialists.

The members of our team have been working for years and are passionate about their work. They follow closely the evolutions of the sector and continue to be inspired to provide the best to our customers. That’s why, with the latest and high quality equipment, our photos are worked so that the professional quality is there, but also, that the photo meets your expectations and your objectives.

We take care of the shooting as well as the post-production so that the rendering is of a great quality and that it allows to put forward the work of our customers. The work of representation by the photo is essential and plays a role of the most important in the communication of a brand or a company. Our team has understood this and gives you the best of its know-how.

Whether you need culinary, sports, artistic, fashion, real estate or even event photos, our photographers will be able to capture the perfect moment, the luminosity, the atmosphere in photo and to refine the rendering with the work of postproduction.