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Are you looking for a professional photographer to capture a high-quality photo for your CV ?

Would you like to stand out with an impactful corporate photo? LakeProd is here to support you during a photo shoot, to highlight your personality and your image.

Why is your CV photo important?

Including a photo on your résumé during your job search can be a wise choice, although not mandatory. It plays an important role in creating a first impression for potential employers, allowing them to put a face to your name and skills.

Respecting a few simple but necessary rules to enhance your image is crucial during your interactions. By opting for a professional photo, you demonstrate your concern for appearance and seriousness towards your application. The presence of a professional headshot is a key factor in setting yourself apart from other candidates and presenting yourself in a positive and memorable way to potential employers. However, keep in mind that the photo should not be the sole factor employers consider when making their decision. Your professional experiences and skills also play a crucial role in your ability to secure a job interview.


Located in Nyon, Switzerland, LakeProd is a provider of high-quality production services that cater to all your audiovisual requirements. Our comprehensive range of services includes professional photography, impactful promotional videos, and captivating documentaries, all aimed at transforming your image into extraordinary visual creations.

At LakeProd, we pride ourselves on delivering a personalized approach and leveraging our technical expertise to ensure exceptional results. Whether you need striking application photos or wish to showcase your company’s employees through captivating portrait shots, our experienced team of creative professionals is committed to making a lasting impression.

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How to take the ideal photo for your CV?

Here are some practical cv photo tips to obtain the perfect CV picture. To maximize your chances of being noticed by employers, it is essential to choose a professional photographer specializing in portraits. Their expertise in lighting, composition, and image editing will ensure a professionally quality photo that meets the standards of your field.


During the photo session, experienced photographers will guide you to adopt the best posture and expression. It is important to maintain a straight back and relaxed shoulders to project a confident, open, and professional attitude. A natural smile will be your best asset to reflect a positive image. Furthermore, maintaining direct eye contact with the camera lens is important to create a connection with the viewer.

Dress code

The choice of dress code is also of great importance. Opt for professional clothing appropriate for your industry. It should highlight your qualities while remaining in line with the professional environment you are targeting. Simplicity and elegance are often recommended for a successful CV photo.


Remember that the background plays a decisive role in showcasing your portrait. An inappropriate or cluttered background can distract attention from your face and appearance, giving a messy and unprofessional impression. Instead, opt for a neutral and understated background that enhances your image as a serious individual.

Once the photo session is complete, there may be a photo wait involved while the photographers will work with you to select the best professional portraits. They will also carry out editing to enhance your image and maximize your chances of being noticed by employers. As a result, you will obtain a high-quality CV photo optimized for printing or online use.

Colored photo or black and white style ?

Choosing between a color or black and white passport photo depends on your preference and the image you want to project. Both options are acceptable, but it’s important to consider the visual effects and advantages of each.

  • A color photo adds depth and life to your image. Our professional photographers carefully adjust natural and flattering colors to create a harmonious result. This can be beneficial if you want to project a dynamic, modern, or captivating image.
  • On the other hand, a black and white photo creates a sense of classicism and elegance. It establishes a timeless atmosphere and emphasizes facial expressions. Our experienced photographers ensure balanced exposure and contrasts for an aesthetic and striking result.


Feel free to express your preferences during the photo session so our talented photographers can adjust the settings accordingly and capture the essence of what you want to convey. Whether in color or black and white, our photographers strive to provide quality images that reflect your style and personality.


At Lakeprod, we provide you with high-end photography equipment and advanced techniques to capture as many photo shots. We use professional equipment, such as premium cameras, specialized lenses, and cutting-edge accessories, to ensure exceptional, sharp and precise professional quality.

In addition, our experienced photographers master lighting and composition techniques. They are capable of capturing your image in the most flattering way, skillfully playing with natural and artificial light to create captivating visual effects and highlight every detail.

Once the shots are complete, our visual experts carry out meticulous editing to enhance your CV photos. They make precise color adjustments, correct minor imperfections, and overall improve the appearance of each photo. The objective is to present you in the best possible light, while maintaining a natural and authentic look that reflects your personality.

Do not hesitate to rely on our professional photography services at LakeProd to meet your needs. We make every effort to create exceptional photos that will set you apart and make a strong impression.

Our photograph do not provide biometric photo conveniently as they are official photos.


Once you have obtained your professional CV photo, you can use it in various ways to maximize its impact. On paper, it will be a valuable asset within your CV itself, but do not limit its use to that. Expanding the reach of your CV photo can significantly boost your chances of career success.

Acquiring a Top-Notch CV Photo

To obtain a high-quality CV photo that accentuates your image and stands out to recruiters, it is advisable to collaborate with a professional photographer. Their expertise in lighting, composition, and capturing your best angles can make a significant difference.

The Ideal CV Photo Size

The size of your CV photo is essential to adhere to recommended guidelines. The standard size varies based on country and specific requirements. Researching the expectations of your target job market or consulting with professionals can help determine the ideal CV photo size for your situation.

Uploading and Utilizing Your CV Photo

Once you have obtained the perfect CV photo, whether it’s a physical copy or a digital file, it’s crucial to upload it effectively. One effective strategy is to use your CV picture on your LinkedIn profile, showcasing your professionalism to a broad audience of potential employers. Ensure maximum visibility on search engines by uploading a high-quality version of your photo.

Enhancing Visibility : Compressed Versions for Social Networks

To facilitate photo upload on any social network of your choice, consider obtaining a compressed version of your CV photo. This guarantees optimal visibility on search engines, increasing the likelihood of catching the attention of hiring managers and recruiters

Making the Most of Your Professional Portrait

Once you have obtained your professional CV photo, you can use it in various ways to maximize its impact. Expand the reach of your CV photo beyond your CV itself. Utilize it strategically on professional platforms such as LinkedIn to showcase your professionalism and dedication to potential employers.

Capturing the Ideal CV Photo

Capturing the ideal CV photo requires careful consideration and execution. Pay attention to the provided tips to help achieve the desired outcome. Working with professional photographers who understand your professional image can greatly enhance the quality and impact of your CV photo.

Amplifying Your Chances of Career Success

Exercise wisdom and discernment when using your CV photo. Maximize its potential by integrating it strategically into your professional profiles and applications. By doing so, you amplify your chances of making a lasting impression and advancing in your chosen career path.

By collaborating with these professionals and having the option to upload photo, you can obtain a high-quality CV photo that not only enhances your image but also catches the attention of recruiters and potential employers.

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