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Are you located in Lausanne or the surrounding area? Would you like to call on the services of a professional photographer for your image needs?

Our team can help you with all your visual projects.

Our photo studio services

LakeProd, our audiovisual agency, offers a range of services covering both photography and video.

Whether you’re looking to immortalise a professional event, enhance your corporate culture through memorable videos, or produce portraits to highlight your team, we can respond to every request with expertise.

Google reviews, your satisfaction is at the heart of our approach


We’ve helped many companies develop their visual productions, transforming their ideas into captivating images in line with their ambitions.

Our clients’ feedback and testimonials are proof of our ongoing commitment to quality and excellence. Each project is another opportunity for us to demonstrate our expertise and build lasting relationships of trust with our partners.

Lausanne, photographer and other jobs in our production agency

LakeProd relies on a diverse team to manage its audiovisual projects, covering the entire creative and technical spectrum.

Its members include videographers capable of capturing key moments, video editors who process and assemble shots to create a coherent narrative, photographers who are experts in staging and capturing images, and post-production specialists who guarantee the quality and finish of each production.

These professions, although distinct, work closely together to produce the audiovisual projects entrusted to us.

Your project is not in Lausanne? You are not located there? No problem!

Even if your company is located outside Lausanne or your project takes place in another city, our team is flexible and will work throughout French-speaking Switzerland according to your needs.

Our LakeProd studio is located in Nyon, and we regularly travel to Geneva, Neuchâtel, Fribourg and many other surrounding towns.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need us to work outside Lausanne.

FAQ, the frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get a quote?

We always try to be as responsive as possible following a request made via our online chat tool or our contact form.

Once your request has been processed, a telephone conversation with one of our sales representatives will enable us to gather all the information needed to draw up an appropriate budget proposal for your support; photos or videos.

On average, you will receive a quote in less than 48 hours.

What are your standard delivery times for photo and video shoots?

Delivery of your files is by email and will vary according to the complexity of the project and any necessary returns.

However, when we draw up the quote, we take into account the constraints of your deadlines, and make sure that we only commit to projects whose deadlines can be met.

This way, even before you sign the budget proposal for the shoot, you have a precise estimate of the delivery times.

What format are the files sent in?

All files are sent in HD (high resolution) via a WeTransfert link by e-mail.

If you require a different format, particularly for print projects, our team will be happy to adapt and supply the files to your exact specifications.

Do you provide unlimited rights of use for the content you create?

Yes, we provide unlimited usage rights for all the content we create. Copyrights are included in our services, allowing you to use the content freely for your needs without further restrictions.

How does LakeProd incorporate customer feedback and suggestions throughout the production process?

We attach great importance to feedback and suggestions from our customers throughout the production process.

When we receive feedback, our team focuses on two key areas: firstly, trying to understand the essence and reason behind the comment; and secondly, developing an appropriate and effective solution.

This approach not only gives us the ability to respond to the customer’s immediate needs, but also to refine our future processes. By anticipating these types of requests, we aim to minimise, if not eliminate, their occurrence or at least optimise our response time, ensuring an ever more satisfying customer experience.

How does a professional portrait photo shoot work?

A portrait photo shoot, whether for your CV, LinkedIn, or to immortalise the portraits of your employees, is a precise and professional process to obtain the best possible result.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Initial contact and meeting: once you’ve made contact with us, we’ll set up a meeting according to your availability, either at our studio in Nyon or at a location of your choice, as we’re also mobile.
  2. Building confidence: when you arrive, our team will make sure you feel at ease. A relaxed atmosphere is crucial to getting authentic portraits, whether for LinkedIn, social networks or your CV.
  3. Advice and posture: the photographer will guide you to adopt the best posture, ensuring that your back is straight and your shoulders relaxed. He or she will help you find the right expression, often with a natural smile, while maintaining direct eye contact with the lens, creating a connection with the viewer.
  4. Dress code: dress code is essential. Not only must it correspond to your sector of activity, but it must also enhance your image. It’s all about striking the right balance between professionalism and being yourself. Simplicity and elegance are generally preferred.
  5. The background: for a successful portrait, the background should be neutral and sober. This allows the focus to be on you without distractions. Whether in our studio or on location, we always choose a background that reinforces your professional image.
  6. Selection and retouching: after the shoot, together we select the most successful shots. Our team then carries out the necessary retouching to perfect the image, guaranteeing a professional result suitable for both print and online use.

Whether your objective is a portrait for a CV, LinkedIn, or even a corporate photo, every step is thought through to make the most of your image.

Discover our dedicated corporate portrait service!

How do you choose the best places to shoot in and around Lausanne?

Our photographers and videographers, with their in-depth knowledge of Lausanne and its attractions, efficiently identify the ideal locations for each project.

Whether it’s the shores of Lake Geneva, historic sites such as the Cathedral and the Olympic Museum, the Pré Vert park, the Lavaux region or the old town, their expertise covers site selection, staging, framing and lighting to guarantee high-quality renderings that are tailored to the messages you want to convey.

What types of audiovisual projects do you handle?

We take on a wide variety of audiovisual projects, both indoor and outdoor, and we also offer the possibility of shooting at our premises in Nyon.

In terms of photography, our areas of expertise include reportage shoots (sports, events), corporate shoots (workplace, professional portraits) and advertising shoots for companies in a variety of sectors, including real estate, watchmaking, fashion and culinary.

When it comes to video, we specialise in creating marketing and promotional videos, short capsules for your social networks, and motion design.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. We tailor our services to the specific needs of each project to give you the best possible result.

Do you have experience of making advertising or promotional videos?

Yes, we have solid experience in making advertising and promotional videos, and we recognise their essential role as a communication tool for conveying messages, promoting products and reinforcing our clients’ brand visibility.

For example, for David Lloyd, LakeProd immersed itself in a world of fitness and well-being, accompanying the sports coaches to capture the unique experience offered to customers. Click here to watch the David Lloyd video.

In a different vein, we explored the luxurious world of Tissot, highlighting the history, expertise and passion of this Swiss watchmaking house renowned for its quality and precision. Discover the Tissot video by clicking here.

These and many other promotional videos are available in our Realisation section.

Can you share the achievement that LakeProd is most proud of?

We are particularly proud of many of our achievements, but if we had to highlight one, it would certainly be the employer branding video we produced for Tag Heuer, aimed at attracting new talent.

This project, which required a lot of time and resources, really mobilised our team. Thanks to meticulous preparation, we were able to achieve remarkable aesthetic and sound perfection.

We cherish this type of assignment, which calls on all our expertise and enables us to support the growth of our partners.

Check out the Tag Heuer video posted on their social networks!

What is the creative process behind each project at LakeProd?

At LakeProd, the creative process is fundamentally adaptable. Each project is unique, whether it’s the location, the subject or unforeseen events. These specificities require us to tailor our preparation. We are constantly faced with technical challenges, from inadequate lighting conditions to disruptive soundscapes, and that’s where our expertise comes in.

Before any shoot, we anticipate the potential constraints we may face. This proactive approach, coupled with our flexibility, allows us to approach each project with confidence.

It’s thanks to the accumulated experience of our team of photographers and videographers that we are able to manage these contingencies and deliver a result that lives up to our customers’ expectations.

How do you keep up to date with the latest technologies and trends in the sector?

To guarantee the best results for our partners, it is essential to keep abreast of the latest developments in the audiovisual industry.

It’s important to understand that the photography profession is constantly evolving, and requires particular attention to emerging trends from the digital world that are changing the way we work.

In order to respond proactively to the new expectations of individuals and professionals, we constantly monitor innovations in the field of images, and training sessions are given within the photo studio.

We also update our equipment (cameras) to guarantee impeccable image quality and to meet current industry standards.

Who are we and where are our premises?

LakeProd, based in Nyon (5 minutes’ drive from the station), is a dynamic photo and video production studio. Led by a passionate team, we travel all over French-speaking Switzerland, including Lausanne, to meet your image needs.

Our mission? To capture and sublimate the reality of your business and present it to your audience in an authentic and impactful way.

We combine expertise, creativity and an understanding of current trends to produce content suitable for all distribution channels, from cinema to social networks.

With a constant eye for detail, light and the right angle, we do our utmost to tell your unique story and highlight your values, always with a view to exceeding your expectations.

Do you have a photo or video project? Contact us by filling in the form or call us directly on +41 (0) 22 362 25 72.

What philosophy and values guide the work of the teams at your audiovisual agency?

At the heart of the LakeProd teams lies an undeniable passion for photography and a keen eye for detail.

Our expertise ranges from meticulously orchestrated photo shoots to immersive videos. The key to our success lies in our ability to synchronise with your vision, while being flexible in our approach, whether it’s creative, pragmatic or neuro-marketing.

While some may think that a smartphone is enough to produce a photograph or a video, our experience suggests a more in-depth approach. Our optimised organisation enables us to be responsive and attentive to your requests. This rigour is reflected in the renewed confidence of our partners and the variety of our projects.

At LakeProd, our ambition is to arouse vivid emotions and forge a lasting emotional connection with your audience. Because for us, photography is more than just capturing images: it’s an art form.