Caribana festival

Lakeprod Realisations Etude De Cas Caribana Festival 2018 Bandeau
Lakeprod Realisations Etude De Cas Caribana Festival 2018 01

caribana festival or the festival which knew how to make vibrate the accesses of the lake of Geneva but also our team!

Two objectives: To cover this festival in its entirety from a photo and video point of view, and to broadcast it instantly. To make the highlights of this weekend as real as possible, with a varied musical programme, an idyllic setting and the discovery of new Swiss artists.

This festival, which takes place every year on the shores of Lake Geneva in Crans-près-Céligny in the canton of Vaud, knows how to delight young and old, music lovers and professionals alike, but also a production company like LakeProd!

Highly emotional moments!

Our professional photographers bet on emotion. For spectators and artists alike, this festival was a great experience. The different shots were intended for the event’s social networks, to feed the website and press articles. Some of the photos were even shared by some of the biggest names in international music!

Shooting in the evening and editing at night to broadcast the videos in the same time became the daily life of our team during 4 days! And it was worth it!

a musical marathon, as our team has so well defined and nicknamed it.

4 days, 4 atmospheres: immortalize the best moments by video to sum up the event.

So, apart from having to prepare mentally before the arrival of each artist, the objective during these different days was to adapt the video and the photo, but also the technique used in relation to the musical style of the day to be able to make the flavour of this event come alive for the Internet users.

Close to the artists

It is during the rehearsals of the bands that our team took a break to diversify their visual content: Gif, photos portraits of the artists, micro interviews… for a live broadcast on social networks.

Our team of professionals had to manage a very short timing, 10 minutes before each concert, everyone had to be present at the most appropriate place for a striking rendering. Once on site, we had to be reactive, but also creative.

Thus our team was able to capture the spirit of each artist on stage during the Caribana Festival.

“Short but intense moments, it was necessary to adapt to each artist on stage and to face a wild audience! For my part, Mat Bastard’s concert, even behind my camera, was one of the best concerts I could photograph ” Pierre-Emmanuel H.

Caribana Festival - Programme 2018

Passenger, Patrick Bruel, Petit Biscuit, Mat Bastard, Simple Minds, Polo and Pan, Eluveitie, Status Quo, Oscar and the Wolf, The Script, Protoje & The Indiggnation, Aliose, Wildwood Kin, Fabian Tharin, Naaman, Danitsa, Ofenbach, The Gardener & The Tree, All them Witches, Ecca Vandal, Wugs, Wintershome, The Last Moan, Saint City Orchestra, Yall, Psycho Weazel, La Colère, Sunday Morning Ballet Class, Benito, Lucas Aliu, Manolo, La Foret, Mimetic, DJ Reas, Collectif Hapax 21, Leon, Doublecryst, Custom Fever, Barbata 30, From Disco 2 Discoteca, Karkocha, Les Mandadors.