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Creating a motion design video requires different skills. Marketing skills to clearly define the key messages to be conveyed and the elements to be portrayed. Illustration skills to create the visuals for the video in line with your graphic charter and the objectives of the video. And the animation skills to bring these illustrations to life.

Our studio integrates these different skills to offer you the highest-quality motion design deliverables that meet your needs as closely as possible.

examples of motion design videos

Hublot – Insider mobile app

Comfone – Marketing service platform

LakeProd – Whiteboard

Novacity – Identity change

Comfone – Phoenix Roaming Service

what is motion design ?

It is the combination of graphic design techniques with animated content. This mix is used to produce video productions such as corporate films, advertising, credits or promotional films. It is very efficient to use motion design for a company presentation or to present a product.

After one minute of broadcasting, you can already count on 70% user commitment. Motion design videos therefore increase your visibility tenfold. Our motion design studio will be able to offer you motion design animations that will meet your expectations, but above all, we will accompany you in the creation of a scenario and the definition of impactful messages for your motion design video.

why use motion design videos

We design various graphic elements (logos, products, illustrations) to create a unique universe in your image, whatever your field of activity. We give life to your communication supports thanks to 3D and 2D motion design animations and thanks to the creation of illustrations with the resumption of your visual identity. The creation of a motion design is an original and playful way to transmit your company’s values, but also to promote your products.

We have extensive experience in visual communication: our graphic designers produce for you animated videos with adapted special effects and a graphic design in accordance with your needs. They are aimed at all types of companies and are suitable for many products or services. This format offers you the possibility to script your digital communication campaigns or even to elaborate a corporate presentation video with an adapted graphic design. Motion design video production is popular on television, social networks and websites.

the advantages of motion design for training

The playful and pedagogical character of motion design is particularly relevant in the world of education. These graphic arts, their clear content with a voice-over, make it possible to explain a new concept, a process, or to put in images product instructions for example. The conception and production of motion design video is thus perfectly integrated into all training materials and visuals.

the advantages of the motion design studio lakeprod

More than a simple motion design agency, we provide you with advice on the strategy to be implemented for the diffusion. You also benefit from more advanced communication advice thanks to our communication agency Habefast. We rework your videos in post-production in order to adapt them to all distribution media: your website, your social networks or your interactive presentations. We give you advice on the writing of the film script, the design of the storyboard or the music, in order to make your motion design videos even more fun and effective. Thanks to our animation software, we guarantee you a result that meets your expectations.

Do you want to ask our motion designers for advice? Are you interested in the services of our motion design company?