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Testimonial videos can be used to present successful project experiences with your customers.

They can also be used to create employer brand content, to showcase what your employees have to say about your company.

Example of testimonial videos

Neo Technologies

Vaud+ City of Lausanne

Vaud+ customer testimonials

Why the testimonial video?

Who better than your customers to talk about your company?

The testimonial video is a useful content with high added value for your communication strategy. It is a powerful tool that b2b or b2c companies can use in their marketing and digital marketing strategy to generate new customers. It is also an effective way to show customers how much you appreciate them and how grateful you are that they have chosen your company.

In addition, consumers largely prefer video testimonials over written ones because they make it easier for people to connect with your brand.

An impactful format for your communication

Our testimonial videos are a quick and effective way to create a positive first impression with your audience because they show the personality of your company. Creating content like this is something that really adds value to a good communication strategy.

Testimonial videos are modern formats that really help you connect with your audience. They show real customers interacting with your company while using your product or service. It’s a great way to build trust with target customers, get them to buy what you sell, improve your branding and e-reputation. The advantage of creating a testimonial video is that you can use it on any platform, from social media to your website. Their ease of sharing allows you to broadcast your content on all your communication channels to increase the capture of your audience.

You can use these testimonials as a standalone video to promote your business, or as part of a series that highlights different types of customers.

Our team helps businesses get the most out of their customers’ experiences by getting them to share their experiences, and we do it in a natural, easy and fun way.

A boost for your conversions

At any point in the sales funnel, video testimonials have been proven to be a great way to drive conversions for your prospects.

First, these videos deliver a personal message. A video testimonial from one of your customers can be much more powerful than a simple text review or rating. Your customer’s face and voice are visible on the screen and tell you about their experience with your product or service. This can help you connect with your potential customers in a way that words alone cannot. Creating video content also helps show their emotions, which are often more compelling than any sales pitch.

These videos are authentic. Testimonials make the customer feel like they are talking directly to you, not just a blank computer screen. This can make them feel much closer to the company and its product or service than if they were reading a text review on another website or app. They might even consider buying from you again because they feel like they are being listened to, thus increasing your conversion rate.

Finally, video testimonials build trust with potential buyers by showing real people who use your products or services regularly (not just someone who was hired by their marketing team). When customers see others using a product or service and loving it just as much, they can feel confident. The testimonial video acts as a powerful argument that will definitely convince your prospects, build loyalty and improve your brand image.

What we propose

At Lakeprod, we have a team of professionals ready to accompany you in your project. We believe it is important that you have high quality testimonial videos on your website and social networks to get your message across, promote your skills and humanize your business to increase your brand awareness.

From framing to video editing, we offer a complete custom service to enable you to strengthen your ties with your customers and develop your visibility through a unique and impactful format. Our team of directors, videographers, editors and photographers will find the best format to highlight your customers’ testimonials.

Our team takes care of the organization of the shooting. From choosing the right camera to choosing the right light to managing the audio, location and post-production, we manage your entire project to create a unique video to attract the right customers.

Would you like to work with us?

Testimonial videos are the key to converting new prospects for your business. To help you with this project, our production studio Lakeprod is ready to assist you. Our team of professional videographers is used to working on different projects for various sectors. However, there is one common point that unites all these projects: the will to highlight your business.

A word from our team

It is always a pleasure for us to put forward testimonials from satisfied customers. It’s a great way to build your reputation. As videographers, we love to capture a customer’s satisfaction in the best possible way.