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You are an artist and you want to showcase your talent? Do you want the public to discover your universe? Our audio-visual production studio LakeProd will meet your expectations thanks to a unique production made by expert cameramen in their field.

why shoot a music video ?

The video clip is an indispensable tool for the promotion of an artist, a personality or a product. More visible than a soundtrack or a text, this formidable medium effectively reaches an increasingly wide audience.

76% of consumers watch at least one video a day and 80% remember an ad seen in the last 30 days.

The video clip is therefore fundamental if an artist wants to become better known.

Examples of video clip

Katy Noa

Live in Blue

Conservatoire de musique de Genève


the different stages in the production of a video clip

Do not skip steps when creating a clip. First of all, pre-production is dedicated to writing the script and the content that you wish to transmit to our team, with a view to its realization. Our specialists and clip producers will then suggest options to you in order to perfect your project.

Then, you have to find a shooting location that meets your desires, a studio or an outside environment. This is followed by a location scouting phase.

Once the preparation is complete, the shooting begins with our video clip cameramen.

The role of music video production company represents a great responsibility and implies that our music video creators and our music video producers know how to be creative, organized while having a sense of detail and aesthetics.

Finally, our teams of directors take care of the post-production on the content produced. To embellish your project, our video clip creators will carry out the editing and visual effects.

professional cameramen at your service to carry out your shootings

Our teams of cameramen put their experience and creativity at your service throughout production and direction. Director, technical team, video editor, our experts will be attentive to the quality of the shots, and will be able to be reactive in order to meet your objectives for the creation of your music videos. They have at their disposal professional equipment which, coupled with their experience, allows them to perfect the smallest details. Thus, whatever the shooting conditions of the video clip and the field of your company, we guarantee you an impeccable audio and video editing.

Having successfully completed numerous projects, our videographers are familiar with the challenges of each sector of activity: medical, culinary, automotive… Unlike a video clip production company, this versatility is a real asset during shooting; our professionals adapt to the requirements of each field and its underlying challenges.

Our mission: to guarantee you a high quality video production.