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A video report combines interviews, images and real footage to make a company’s message more dynamic and credible.

Its aim is to add authenticity through real testimonials and to make communication more human and engaging.

Example of report videos

Tag Heuer – Watchmaker

Ironman – Yann Stückelberger

TEDx X UniGeneva

Porsche – Cayenne

TGV Lyria – Stan Wawrinka

HEC Lausanne – Prix Stratégis

Fondation arche des abeilles

Reyl – Robin Cuche

EPS C.F. Ramuz – Forum

Discover your universe thanks to the report videos

A video report is a huge asset to make you known and share your activity. Tell your story, your journey.

Do you have a special talent or do you want to present your commitment ? Do you need professionals to help you showcase yourself ?

Our team will take care of creating a unique reportage for you.

Why make a report video?

Report viceos are a great way to share your story. It is one of the most popular video content online. They can be used to promote products, services or events, but also people.

They are also an incredibly powerful tool for marketing. For an association for example, it will allow you to highlight the people behind the cause you are defending. It’s a great way to explain the context of your involvement and show the audience who is working with you on your project, what their role is and what makes them special.

With a good video report, you can build trust with your audience, presenting your added value and making them want to support you.

Video reports are also a great way to showcase personalities. Whether you are a sportsman, an artist or committed in a cause, video reports are made for you.

They can be used to show what it took for you to get to where you are today, to showcase your journey but also to serve as an inspiration to others who wish to do the same.

The story can also be used as an educational tool for people who want to learn more about your business.

As a high level athlete, this type of video can allow you to present yourself in order to solicit and find new sponsors and partners to accompany you in your adventures.

What our team offers you

Our team of videographers offers you a complete service, entirely personalized, to highlight you in the best way.

When you call on our team to create your video report, you are sure to get a realization that corresponds exactly to your expectations. Our videographers will know how to make the right decisions in terms of scripting, lighting, audio quality, etc.

Our team also has an excellent knowledge of video editing and post-production to make your report captivating to follow.

We are used to working on various subjects in different fields.

The team will work closely with you throughout the process to find out exactly what you want from your video and make sure it meets all your needs.

Our creations make each project a unique audiovisual production, for which we provide support from A to Z, including motion design, audio recording and post-production retouching.

We put all our equipment to good use, including drones and all types of lighting materials in the studio.

Our aim is to raise your profile, both internally and externally, and help you achieve the best possible corporate film.

Our digital agency can also advise you on the video format best suited to your needs. During filming, our teams are always ready to listen.

In post-production, our graphics teams can add special effects and rhythm to the editing to increase the range of possibilities we offer for the creation of your video reportage.

Would you like to work with us?

To accompany you in your project, our production studio Lakeprod is ready to help you.

Our team composed of videographers, producers, photographers but also video editors, offers you the possibility to have a global accompaniment for the creation of a video report as you imagine it.