Kauri Watches

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Lakeprod Realisation Kauri Watches Photos Video Horlogerie 2

client context

In 2019, the founder of the KAURI brand of Swiss automatic watches called upon the Lakeprod photo/video studio for the launch of the brand.

His idea? To combine his passion for watchmaking with a material he particularly likes: precious wood. A first edition of 50 personalisable watches (4 types of wood, 2 colours of hands and 2 types of bracelets) was thus created in June this year.


Our photo and video studio LakeProd had the pleasure of producing the audiovisual content for the young brand.  Our photographers aimed to highlight the subtle mix of mechanics, wood and leather of this new watch brand. The challenge lay in the ability to transcribe every detail of the design, which was carefully thought out so that Kauri watches are more than 90% Swiss made. The aim of this project was therefore twofold: to publicise a new product and to convey its quality in order to create a feeling of confidence among future buyers.


The LakeProd teams produced several types of content: photos and videos, content focused on products as well as manufacturing. Our photographers were thus able to capture each step of the manufacturing process of these timepieces in order to produce photos and videos of the woods used, the bracelets and the finished products. All this content was used for different communication supports of the brand: website, social networks, print media…