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Who are we?

A unique photo and video production studio. At LakeProd, we are passionate about photography and video. We put in place all our know-how to enhance your work. Our goal? To give an account to your customers and prospects of the reality of your activity while enhancing it. We wish to establish a solid and durable relationship of trust by providing a work beyond your expectations.

At your service? A team of experienced directors, photographers and cameramen who will be able to accompany you in all the stages of your project. And above all, a team that knows how to renew itself to follow the trends in order to always offer value-added content that meets the expectations of your audience.

We produce photo and video content with a high degree of requirement for the broadcasting needs of our customers on various channels: television, cinema, social networks, websites.

We give everything we have to support your project and showcase your business. This means paying attention to the right scenario, the right detail, the right angle, the right light and the right lens, which together will bring a touching and striking authenticity to our work. Each case is unique and each company or institution has its own story, its soul, its values. It is this situation that we wish to capture and show to your clients, thanks to our work and our passion.

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The values of our photo and video production studio

The sense of detail and work well done.

The ability to listen and to immerse yourself in your context.

An adaptable approach (creative, pragmatic, neuromarketing) according to your objectives.

A high level of reactivity linked to the fact that our teams are structured to respond to your needs with great availability.

And most importantly: a very high level of customer satisfaction and the experience of having carried out several hundred projects that we can present to you to enable you to make your own opinion.

What is the working philosophy of our production studio teams?

We have a passionate approach and we never settle for the bare minimum. A sense of detail and a neuro-marketing approach are an integral part of our approach to ensure an impactful and memorable result.

We also invest regularly in our studio’s equipment in order to use the full potential of technological developments for our clients.
These ingredients make us one of the leading studios in French-speaking Switzerland in terms of projects realized in recent years.

One may think that a photo or video shoot can be improvised just with a smartphone. Or that you only need a camera to be a cameraman. But things are more complex. Photography is an art and it is important to know how to use the right techniques to enhance the subject of a shot. The same is true for video. The attention to detail is essential to bring out emotions.

This is the mission that Lakeprod has given itself. Our pictures are there to retranscribe strong moments and to set up a powerful emotional link with your customers.

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Why do we do it?

The image, in the broadest sense of the term, has a strong emotional capital and allows to convey messages in an impactful way.
Our purpose is to accompany you in the different stages of your photo and video content production process to help you reach your objectives.

Our primary objective is to accompany you in your audiovisual communication campaigns, in order to bring out the specificities of your company.
We believe that all tools bring an added value because we want to offer you the possibility to have the choice

We want to show your stakeholders the true values of your company through a careful work that will stand out from the ordinary.