Photo shooting

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We offer photo shoots in our studio, on our clients’ premises or on location.

Our professional photographers will work on the framing, lighting, shooting and post-production of the photos we take.

An extensive range of photography services for your image needs

LakeProd provides a wide range of photography services, covering all types of projects, from fashion photoshoots or industrial photography, to culinary or portrait pictures. Our photographers utilize latest generation equipment to guarantee the highest picture quality. 

You can schedule a photoshoot at your convenience, either at your company’s premises or in our local photo studio located in Nyon. We also offer outdoor photoshoots at the most suitable spots for your projects. 

What are the benefits of doing a photoshoot ?

Fulfilling acquisition objectives for companies and marketing departments

With an acquisition-oriented perspective, photoshoots are a valuable tool to enhance online presence, engage with audience on social media, and create visually compelling content for websites. 

Experiences photographers possess the skills to adapt their work to meet specific content requirement, helping in the effective communication of brand identity. These professionally captured images can be utilized in advertising campaigns, attracting attention and driving engagement. 

Showcasing high-quality visuals on a website enhances credibility, user experience, and conversion rates. In essence, photoshoots represent an investment in a brand’s visual identity, allowing for the full leverage of the power of imagery for marketing and storytelling. 

Improving professionnal identity with photo shooting

Photoshooting plays a pivotal role in boosting one’s professional identity. 

For individuals, a well-captured professional photo, such as a LinkedIn headshot, not only leaves a lasting impression but also distinguishes them in the competitive job market. In the same way, an impressive CV photo demonstrates attention to detail and professionalism, making candidates more appealing to HR departments. 

For HR, professional photos are a cornerstone of employer branding. They contribute to a strong organizational image by showcasing employees of the Careers page, team profiles, and company communications. These images convey unity, professionalism, and credibility, attracting top talent and portraying the organization as an employer of choice. Team photos reinforce the sense of cohesion and teamwork within the company. 

Our approach to photoshooting session coordination

For LakeProd, the organization of a session plays an important role in ensuring the efficient flow of the photoshoot. 

Initially, we engage the conversation to understand your image needs and the underlying goals of the photoshoot. This helps us gain insights into your expectations and the scope of the project. It enables our photographer to plan and prepare the necessary equipment ahead of the photoshoot : different lens, lightning, tripod etc. 

If needed, we can also assist you in organizing the project based on its scale, which may involve taks such as finding models, preparing a set, or locating a suitable place. 

On the day of the photoshoot, our team arrives at the location early to prepare and set up the lightning equipment, if required. Following this, they test the lightning with the subjects to ensure the correct angles and optimal results. If necessary, they also install a tripod. Otherwise, they proceed without it to capture your project. 

After the photoshoot, during the post-production phase, our photographer carefully selects the best shots from the session. They make necessary adjusments to enhance picture quality. Finally, the completed project is delivered to you through a secure transfer link, providing you access to your HD quality files. 

We answer to your questions about photo shoot

What are the experience of our photographers ? 

Each photographer of LakeProd have at least an experience of 10 years. They are adaptable depending on your project. Whether for create striking images for an advertising campaign, documenting special events or exploring breathtaking landscapes. 

How do we send your project ? 

LakeProd is committed to get you the final shooting pictures in the best quality with sending you a link to optimize the dowload process and maintain the quality of your pictures. Meaning in two words: version HD and downloadable at any format.