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The aim of a video is to reach its audience. So it’s important to take the marketing dimension into account when creating a video.

We help our customers to define the key messages they want to get across, and to define their differentiating know-how, so as to create marketing videos that have the greatest possible impact and engage their target audience.

Examples of marketing videos

Adventerra Games

Cartier X EHL



Tag Heuer – Watchmaker

Région de Nyon

Reyl – Success Together

TGV Lyria – Stan Wawrinka

Country Club Geneva

marketing videos at the service of your advertising messages.

In today’s digital landscape, video marketing campaigns play an essential role in a company’s communication strategy to stand out and capture the attention of their target audience. Video has become an essential communication tool in corporate marketing campaigns, offering a powerful and engaging way to convey messages, promote products and increase brand visibility.

Whether it’s on your social networks, website or streaming platforms, video has become an essential element in effectively reaching and influencing consumers. Indeed, video in marketing brings a sensory dimension to your message. This communication strategy multiplies the feelings aroused in the viewer through dialogue, sound, movement and expression.

To ensure that the results are powerful and professional, it is crucial to use a specialised photo and video studio. Our team of audio-visual technicians provide you with the technical expertise, creativity and resources to produce high-quality videos that captivate your target audience.

Do you want to create innovative marketing videos and commercials to showcase your products and services and generate notoriety? Contact our studio specialized in digital marketing and communication. We accompany you, whatever your sector of activity, to adopt an effective strategy and reach your target.

give impact to your marketing message through the realisation of promotional spots

Marketing videos are audiovisual productions that reflect your company and your image: you convey your values and the DNA of your company. They offer a unique opportunity to communicate your message in an effective and engaging way. Videos capture attention and convey information in a concise and engaging way.

Our marketing experts advise you on your digital project and on the development of your storyboard, so that it best represents your identity during content production. They will also help you to determine the relevance of the messages you wish to convey according to your corporate communication and your target audience. Thanks to this upstream analysis, the framework of your marketing video will benefit from a strategic positioning in line with your expectations. This is a good way to develop awareness and drive traffic to your website. By using visual, audio and narrative elements, you can convey your company story in a memorable, emotional and persuasive way. Videos also help to stimulate interaction with your audience, encouraging comments, sharing and social interaction.

Whether you want to promote a product, explain a service, train your staff or tell your company’s story, video marketing offers a multitude of formats to suit every purpose. From dynamic promotional videos to detailed tutorials and compelling testimonial videos, our audio visual studio offers a wide range of services to meet your specific needs. We work closely with you to understand your vision and develop creative concepts that effectively convey your message.

In a digital landscape saturated with content, video marketing allows you to stand out from your competitors. Videos attract attention and generate higher retention of information than other forms of content. By creating unique and engaging videos, you can increase your online visibility, improve your brand awareness and strengthen your market position. Our team of audio-visual professionals have the technical and creative skills to create high-quality videos that help you stand out from the crowd.

Our video marketing experts at your service

The experience of our digital marketing agency guarantees you the production of quality advertising films, filmed in high definition. Accustomed to both indoor and outdoor marketing shootings, our videographers and directors are flexible and can suggest shots according to your location. Our multimedia skills will allow us to take over the optimization of the renderings and deliver them to you turnkey after the post-production. You will then be able to set up campaigns on your networks to improve your webmarketing and content strategy.

Throughout the process, we respect your specifications and keep you informed of the progress of your video. Our goal: to create creative audiovisual content to bring your brand image to life. Whether it concerns a video presentation of a new product or a commercial, this audiovisual communication will be the subject of a post-production in order to perfect the final result. This result can be published directly on your website to improve the user experience or be broadcast on other digital solutions, such as social networks. We adapt the format to the one that suits you best.

Every company is unique. That’s why we work in a fully personalised way. Some clients have a complete scenario in mind from the outset, while others work from drafts and ideas. Our team is there for you at every stage of your project. A project manager supports our photographers and videographers on a permanent basis, so as to integrate his or her marketing and communication expertise into the chosen scenario. Creative and innovative, our project managers know how to identify your needs in order to produce the video that will seduce your audience.

As a professional audio-visual studio, we understand the importance of a well thought-out video marketing strategy. With our expertise and creative skills, we are here to help you create compelling video content that engages your audience and raises your company’s profile.

a video marketing agency for your advertising projects

In order to offer you personalized marketing videos, we need to immerse ourselves in the values of your organization. We attach particular importance to this immersion stage, which will then allow us to develop a digital strategy adapted to your needs. A successful marketing video must reflect an image of your company that is both faithful and rewarding. This will allow you to develop your visibility and generate traffic.

Trust our experienced videographers. Available and attentive to your needs, they will do their utmost to perfect your marketing video projects. You will thus benefit from an optimized communication support that will help you differentiate yourself and gain notoriety.

Unlike an audiovisual advertising company or a video marketing agency, we have a more complete approach, through the production of advertising videos and our support for their distribution.

Video marketing has become an essential element in the communication strategy of any company. By working with our audiovisual studio, you benefit from the expertise of a passionate team, ready to create video content that meets your specific objectives. Whether you want to promote, inform or engage your audience, we are here to help you harness the power of video marketing.

Are you looking for videographers to create a marketing video? Or would you like to get some marketing and communications advice on creating your marketing video as a bonus? Contact us today to discuss your needs and find out how we can help you achieve marketing success. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs.