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The new digital technologies put video at the center of current audiovisual productions. It is a major and very effective tool for the communication of a company or a brand. The video can tell a story, highlight a place, an atmosphere, and make it easier for the audience to interact with the entity represented in the video. It can also quickly become viral on social networks for example.

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Video production by Lakeprod.

Our team of videographers will accompany you for the realization of any type of video: marketing videos, promotional videos, drone and FPV drone videos, motion design, our goal is to offer you the type of video the most adapted to your needs to allow you to have an adapted and impactful communication. The video at Lakeprod is a high level of requirement in terms of quality, a professional know-how to accompany your projects, to retranscribe emotions, ideas and messages through short videos or longer videos. Our goal is to allow you to transcribe the message you want to convey and highlight your services or products.

Our team is listening to your project and will advise you in the technical aspects. The experience of our videographers will allow you to be accompanied from A to Z in the realization of the video, on the technical aspects, but also artistic. How to make your video interesting, striking and representative of your image and your idea? Our experts will know how to capture images from the right angles, with the right light and work on the rushes in post-production to create the perfect video for your business.

Whether it’s corporate videos, event videos, reports or sports videos, our passionate teams offer you the best of their know-how to accompany your projects.