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At the post-production stage, our teams meticulously process each shot captured to ensure its visual quality and consistency in the final edit.

Specialising in colour grading and colourimetry, we ensure that each video deliverable has impeccable consistency, both in the rushes and in their aesthetic rendering.


Filmmaking consists of three distinct and equally fundamental steps. Pre-production, shooting and post-production. This last step includes all the necessary aspects to finalize a video, whether for a corporate film or an advertising film. From video editing to soundtrack, it is a crucial step to stand out by obtaining a professional video. The creative and technical team of our audiovisual production company is at your service for video post-production.

a range of skills to meet all your needs

To ensure quality audiovisual post-production, it is necessary to master a wide range of skills. Following the shootings, our video photographers will edit the different sequences of shots. Post-production consists of many steps such as video editing, soundtrack editing, digital special effects creation, calibration, and mixing. A whole technical and creative team puts its professional experience at your service to ensure professional post-production that is consistent with your company’s needs and ensures that your communication is intensified by audiovisual production and that your message is clearly conveyed. To do this, they make sure to clearly define with you the structure of the film, transition between each shot, the sound effects and the voiceover.

If your promotional film includes special effects and visual effects, our post-production team will use all its patience and attention to detail to create them with art and add magic to your video editing.

Digital calibration is a step in which the image is formatted with the broadcast media. This allows you to give the image a graphic and artistic rendering in accordance with your image. Our post-production team then works on image denoising, light and colour.

To finalize your project, the last post-production step is to mix the soundtrack. This is an essential step to ensure that your corporate video is of impeccable quality and ensures a good brand image.

a spotlight on your compagny

Video is a dynamic and innovative marketing and communication tool that allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It gives you the opportunity to communicate effectively with your customers and convey a modern image of your company, event or products.

As an audiovisual production agency, the work of our experienced video photographers allows you to improve your visibility on the Internet and social networks. A promotional video produced by a professional team allows you to convey a quality message that is clear and adapted to your target audience.

Whether it is for a promotional film, a retrospective, a video presentation of a new product, an advertising clip or aerial shots, our agency’s post-production team will be able to assist you in defining your project and in the stages of its realization.

Do you need the skills of our post-production team to make the film that will set you apart from your competitors?