drake store

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client context

The Drake Store is a chain of luxury ready-to-wear boutiques in Geneva and Lausanne. The different boutiques of the chain offer collections from the greatest luxury ready-to-wear designers such as Dolce&Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, Chloé, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Moncler, County of Milan, Valentino and Alexander McQueen to name but a few.

project goals

The main objective was to make photo and video shoots for the brand’s social networks in order to highlight the different collections offered in the store and to promote the different brands and products of the brand.


The achievements have been varied in order to have a complete content to animate social networks. Photos, micro videos, GIFs and boomerangs (instagram format) were created by our team. All of these various realizations for social networks have been thought with the objective of highlighting the specificity of each collection in the Drake Store universe.

For the photo shootings, various realizations have allowed us to highlight the products, on mannequins or scripted, indoors or outdoors. Urban shooting concepts were developed to highlight the ready-to-wear and accessories collections in the Drake Store’s universe. The clothes and accessories were shot and staged in the boutiques and outside in the streets and parks of Geneva to accentuate the urban style.

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Finally, it is with a meticulous work of light management that product packshots were made in store to highlight the collections.

Two types of videos have been made: a long video to present the Geneva store and teasers to present the new collections that regularly arrive in the store.
Finally, our team covered the fashion show organized by the Drake Store at the Hotel Kempinski in Geneva last winter. It was among the spectators that our photographers/videographers captured not only the new clothes and accessories offered by the Drake Store but also the atmosphere of the evening.