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client context

Domaine Les Fancous, a wine estate since 1982 owned by the Debluë family, comprises seven hectares of vines, divided between Founex and Nyon. The wines of this estate are regularly awarded prizes, notably by the Lauriers d’Or Terravin, a quality label that highlights the heritage of the canton of Vaud.

project goals

The objective for our team was to give a photo and video identity to Domaine Les Fancous as part of the project to redesign the domain’s website, led by our communication agency. Highlighting the different professions in the vineyards and the cellar, showing the evolution of the vine over the seasons and the different stages of production, these were the key words of our achievements.

realization: from the soil to the glass

The shootings were diverse to allow our team to meet these varied objectives. Shootings highlighting the different strong points of winemaking but also all the human aspects of this traditional production. The human interventions, dear to the domain which favours hand work, even for the harvest and harvests, are present at all stages of the manufacturing process.
The techniques used during the shootings were also varied: photo, video and drone productions. Our photographers/videographers used our drone for aerial views of the vineyards, the estate, the mountain landscape and the lake. The close-up shots highlighted the grape varieties, the harvest and the whole production process up to the finished product.

Our shots were taken at different times of the year to show the evolution of the vines over the seasons, with the vines presenting new colours, new production stages and new challenges with each new season.
The production process has been in the spotlight for our achievements, allowing us to show the stages of production, from the vine to the bottling.