Photos by drone

Photos by drone.

Do you want to take height thanks to aerial shots ? Call on our team specialized in drone photography. Thanks to their experience in photography and video and their state-of-the-art equipment, our professional photographers will be able to take the ideal 4K high definition photos for you. Make your multimedia content original: thanks to the drone, you will enjoy surprising photographs from the sky.

Capture a unique moment from the heights

Our photographers accompany you throughout your project by organizing shoots and photo shoots. As soon as your needs are analysed, they advise you on the strategic approach to adopt, as well as on the creation of visuals and presentations adapted to your objectives. If you want to get new visuals, other than studio shots, we offer you services and photo reporting with airplans at affordable prices, whatever your choice of technical options. Your project is our priority.


The advantages of aerial photography are many.

– Their cost is significantly lower than that of a helicopter. 
– The use of professional drones allows stabilization and therefore offers a quality rendering.
– The field of vision and aerial photographs make it possible to make your communication media (brochure, website, social networks…) original and dynamic. Whether it concerns a virtual visit or simply aerial images, the framing and wide angle of view allow a total immersion.

Specialized in aerial photos and professional drone, our photographic team will be delighted to provide you with a wide range of high-resolution services, whether in the event field or for other special activities.

Why choose the photo by drone for your project ?

Aerial photography has become an essential part of the photographic landscape in almost every field. Aerial shots make the shots original, this innovative character is truly a source of inspiration for photographers. It is better to use professionals if your goal is to attract or retain customers with this type of panorama. The exceptional aspect of photos taken by drone tends to attract the eye of the spectator. Visitors to a website, for example, are a very receptive audience for this type of photo. Use our photo reports to stimulate their interest in your products or services. This will increase your conversion rate tenfold, as well as your notoriety. The drone photo is also suitable for product presentations or enhancements.

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The word of the photographer

“The drones have revolutionized photography ! They opened up the field of possibilities by offering the means to take pictures with incredible perspectives. They are extremely handy and their stability allows you to take pictures of exceptional quality.”


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