360° picture

The 360° picture. An innovative way to capture the world and your audience.

Being at the forefront of innovation, the panoramic format is an immersive strategy to attract the attention of your potential customers and differentiate you from your competitors. You are already present on the Internet, and you want to develop your audience, especially on social networks thanks to original shots? Choose the 360° picture. This recent innovation in photography offers a new way to capture the world, as well as a new space to promote and enhance your company. To discover.

What is 360° photography ?

It is an innovative and increasingly popular large format, especially on the Internet. A 360° photo is a panoramic image using a wide angle of view and includes the environment around which the shot was taken thanks to a horizontal sliding frame.


The “Wide angle” and the “Fish eye” are two optics that may be required to capture panoramic photos at the desired angle of field. An important point for the realization of this view: the search for the “nodal point” and stability. The nodal point is the rotation point around which the camera will rotate to take a series of pictures with a panoramic head. The objective is to obtain perfect assembly and alignment when assembling photos. For stabilization, a tripod is almost essential.


The whole of your environment is therefore photographed in its entirety and the people looking at the photo have a 360° field of view.

360° photos to highlight your events and products

Our photo and video studio gives you the possibility to take 360° shots for different types of projects using the latest generation cameras. Our expert 360-degree photographers can provide you with shots to present your company, your team, your premises or any other environment. Do you want to use 360° photography to promote your products or services ? Are you organizing an event and would like to promote it in a dynamic and original way on social networks ? 360° photography can meet your needs.


Our professional photographers offer to take your photos in 360° high definition and create a unique, interactive and personalized environment. Thanks to this type of panoramas, your customers and partners have a more global and concrete representation of your projects (e.g. virtual tours, panoramic landscapes, etc.). Your image will be enhanced.

An added value for your company

The main interest of 360° photography is its immersive nature. Your customers and partners can navigate the image with a simple movement of the finger or mouse. This creates instant engagement from your visitors on social networks or on your website. Our professional photo studio offers you the opportunity to share with all Internet users a virtual visit of your start up, your shop or your company. Thanks to the use of the latest generation photo equipment, our photographers take 360° shots in accordance with your expectations and of a professional quality. They advise you on the different options to give your company a dynamic, original and innovative image. Thanks to post-processing, which includes retouching and editing of several photos, we guarantee you a panorama without blurred images and with maximum sharpness.

Do you want to attract the attention of your future customers and potential partners with 360° photography ? Contact us, we will be happy to send you a free and non-binding quote.

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