15 March 2021

The importance of Neuromarketing in video creation

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Why consider neuromarketing in your videos?

Neuromarketing is the field of marketing that focuses on the cognitive reactions and feelings of consumers. A number of companies use neuromarketing in their advertising videos. A method that can allow you to capture the attention of the consumer and maximize the chances of generating positive emotions towards your brand. There are many tricks that will help you make your videos more attractive.

Emotion as a starting point

The appeal to emotion

Emotional excitement is an effective way to get people to remember the ad. For example, pharmaceutical companies often use phrases such as “it can happen to you too” or “your child is not safe”. Animal shelters use images of malnourished or abused animals, and they reach potential customers by encouraging them to buy or donate.

Talk to the ego

The human brain tends to be self-centered. Therefore, communication should focus only on the receiver, not on anyone else. You need to adapt to the language by consistently using words like “you” or “your” instead of “we” or “our” to flatter the ego. The primary brain only responds when you speak.

Zoom in on the emotion

When the camera zooms in, we also zoom out. We feel positively engaged. Zooming out has the opposite effect. So, a simple point to remember if you want to keep your prospects engaged: avoid zooming out and moving backwards. There is one exception, however. Zooming out can work when it reveals new information to the viewer. For example, a backward movement revealing a second character.

The originality of your video will make you score points

Creativity for your video

Creativity is very important in the advertising world. Companies that find a different way to promote their product will be the most successful. By using current events and adapting them to their products or services, they will create a reaction and get people talking.
For example, APPLE staged the containment conditions of the Coronavirus. It is therefore by using current events that APPLE succeeds in creating a link with consumers. This provokes a bonding reaction in the minds of those who have seen the ad.

The sense of humor

The ads that make you laugh are the ones that are remembered the longest. Humor is known to be an important factor in purchase decisions influenced by ads. Humor has proven to be a relevant communication medium, generating strong emotion nine times out of ten.
– Burlesque: Based on extravagant situations and relies on the absurd and irrational. Burlesque is presented in the form of puns, irony, and discrepancy. It appeals to the cognitive side of the receiver, makes him think to understand the humor.
– Romance Humor: This type of humor appeals primarily to the affective. It is a story that usually starts badly, but ends well, and appeals to values, such as family, children. So the viewer is touched, and identifies with the characters.
– Satire: Mocking criticism of an individual, organization, state, or other to prevent change. Often characterized by sarcasm or irony.
– Sentimental comedy: Often represented by a couple in search of happiness. We find the register of sophisticated comedy (wealthy environment, importance of double entendre dialogue) and that of screwball comedy (role reversal between the man and the woman).

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Take a psychological approach

The focus points

Most of the time, brain activity is combined with eye tracking data. That way, we can see exactly where people are looking and what reaction that produces in the brain. One of the things we often see in our own research is that approach motivation decreases as soon as there is no clear focus in an ad. So the brain doesn’t like it at all when we don’t know where we should be looking. Therefore, it is important to avoid multiple focus points in ads. So, make sure that people know where to look.

Use contrast to maximize impact Neuromarketing

The brain is very sensitive to difference. Something that changes very quickly and contrasts with the environment must be interpreted very quickly. For example a logo with very bright colors on a contrasting background.

Be tangible

It is important to use everyday words that evoke simple things. For example, short sentences and short words. So as to avoid intellectual notions or expressions.

Focus on the beginning and the end

The human brain is unable to memorize information in a linear fashion. The attention curve is high at the beginning and at the end because in the middle the brain goes to sleep to save energy. For example, in an advertisement, it is better to put the keywords at the beginning and at the end.

Neuromarketing is very much in vogue at the moment and is used by companies for their communication content. It is a significant asset that can allow you to make a difference in your videos with a few tricks. A difference that will be remembered in the consumer’s mind.

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