06 September 2022

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Photo studio, why does a professional photographers for your product shootings is necessary?

The product shooting, also called packshot shooting, is the realization of packshots, which are high quality photographs of a product in order to highlight it. This photo shoot seems simple, but the stakes are high because the final image must convey the soul of the product, the values of the company and its visual universe, and this is an art and a profession. This is a job that the professional photographer masters, and more precisely the one who specializes in taking pictures and designing product images.

What is the job of a professional photographer and why is he qualified for your product shootings and packshots?

The daily life of a professional photographer is to take pictures on location or in a studio or a photo agency, to retouch images, to organize photo sessions or reports, as well as to make technical adjustments (light, photo framing, speed of the shot), all in a professional and qualitative way. They are often specialized in a field such as gastronomy, portrait, wedding, family, event, sports, fashion or product advertising. The professional photographer has a number of photo and image skills and is specialized in his field(s) thanks to his experience in photo shoots. He has been trained for this job and knows how to understand the soul of a company to present its products in a professional way.

Why is a quality photo shoot essential to the advertising and sale of your products?

The image, in the broadest sense of the term, provide a strong emotional feeling and allows to pass a corporate message and to value products in an impactful way. Thus for a company or a communication agency, photography has the power to highlight its specificities and values in a concrete and striking way thanks to a careful work. This is extremely important for its future customers. Because today, photographs, and especially packshots in the case of marketing and communication, are essential, both on social networks, flyers or websites.
It is certainly tempting today for companies and clients to do without professional photographers for their photo shoots or packshots because cell phones allow to take quality pictures at any time. However, there are so many details to pay attention to when taking photos: are the lighting and the light optimal, is the photo sharp, is the image of good enough quality? Does the photo show the seriousness and professionalism that the company demonstrates on a daily basis? Is the visual communication adapted to my target audience? Is the product highlighted enough? These are details that you need to know and that cannot be improvised.
Moreover, in a context of digital expansion, it is important for a company to control its e-reputation and its image on the Internet by having a visual communication in perfect harmony with its communication strategy. It is the winning key to gain the trust of prospects and customers. It is therefore essential that all your content and photos keep a common thread of style and appearance, no matter where they are shared.
This is why it is preferable for a company or an agency to be accompanied by the services of a professional for the realization of photo packshots. Thanks to his skills and experience, the photographer will be able to understand the company’s needs, advise and guide it to produce a quality result adapted to its situation.

What kind of services can a professional photographer offer you for your product shootings and packshots?

But how does the professional photographer work to meet the expectations of the brand or company that calls on his skills? The organization of the photo shootings determines the success of the advertising campaign. Here is the typical sequence of services that professional photographers can offer to companies for packshots.

  • Contact of the professional photographer with the client and definition of the objectives of the photo project
  • The photographer will first make sure he understands the client’s request and the objectives he wants to achieve. This is where the tone and spirit of the shoot is defined. During this step, the photographer will try to understand the history of the brand, the product, the creative process, as well as the target that the client aims to reach.
  • Research work of the photographer in collaboration with the client company
  • The next step is to work on the brand’s colors and visual references in order to prepare the moodboard for the product shoot. The professional photographer can already think about the photo processing styles that will give the identity of the future images.
  • The photo shooting and the retouching of the packshots

The photo shooting is usually done in a photo studio, which has all the necessary equipment to produce professional quality packshots: white background, lights, cameras and adapted lenses, etc. The photographers take the shots and then take care of the retouching thanks to image processing software with license.

Why choose Lakeprod photo and video studio for your product shootings and packshots?

At LakeProd, we are a team of photography and video enthusiasts. We put at your service all our know-how to enhance your work. We are a team of experienced producers, photographers and cameramen who will be able to accompany you through all the steps of your project. We produce photo and video contents with a high degree of requirement and quality for the needs of diffusion of our customers on diversified channels: television, cinema, social networks, Internet websites. Whether you need culinary, sports, artistic, real estate, portrait, fashion or event photos, our team of photographers will be able to capture the perfect moment, the luminosity, the atmosphere in the photo and refine the rendering with the post-production work.
The sense of detail and the work well done are values that we hold dear. We also strive to immerse ourselves as much as possible in your context and to have an adaptable approach according to your objectives.
We have achieved a very high level of customer satisfaction and many brands and companies trust our expertise today. We have the experience of having realized several hundred projects that we can present to you so that you can make your own opinion.
So don’t hesitate to contact our photo and video studio to discuss your project!

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