Why use motion design in your corporate videos?

Why use motion design in your corporate videos?

LakeProd Studio offers its Motion Design services, a category in the video industry. But do you know what Motion Design is and why it is so interesting for your corporate videos?

Motion Design is the combination of two techniques: graphic design and video. Graphics Design is the creation of symbols, images and texts to form the visual representation of an idea or message. Add movement to it and you get Motion Design. It is then the art of bringing a graphic design to life through animation. But what does it bring to your corporate videos?


Today, it is everywhere: on commercials, in feature films, for animated films, credits, it animates your logos, on graphic interfaces, for digital art or game design… In addition to its creative possibilities that make it adaptable, the power of motion design lies in its interaction with the spectator.

Indeed, Motion Design is considered as the video of engagement. 70% of viewers watching a Motion Design video still watch it one minute later, it is the highest average rate in the video industry.

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Compared to traditional videos, motion design has many advantages. First of all, it is fast. Indeed, when a presentation video lasts on average 4 minutes, a Motion Design video delivering the same message lasts half as long. This is because your message is clearer: the message is thought of in advance, the right words are used, without repetition or hesitation.

This also explains why motion design is pedagogical. Indeed, an animation is easier to understand than video. Moreover, it is aesthetic: some sectors of activity are difficult to capture in classic video. Industry, for example, where certain services are sometimes difficult to present in a favourable aesthetic environment. Motion design, on the other hand, gives you the possibility to modify the shapes and colours of your activity, to create a quality graphic universe. Motion design has another great quality: its dynamism. Indeed, its pace is captivating and your audience will stay tuned to your message.

Why use it?

Motion Design is useful for all companies in various sectors. It offers many creative possibilities, which can be adapted to any type of content. Motion Design can be used to create promotional clips, corporate videos, animated leaflets, or product presentations for your customers…

But that’s not all! All your desires are reflected in Motion Design, bringing its many advantages to your message. Much more than a simple isolated graphic realization, Motion Design can be the basis of your company’s visual identity, and can be developed on all your communication media, print or web, in photo or video.


Creation takes root in its content, which can take the form of text, narrative, descriptive, symbolic, educational.

We work according to your convenience: you can provide us with the script, delegate it to us or even write it together. Then we build his storyboard with all the key elements that we will have previously defined. We think of the various graphic elements on this occasion. The animation is then created by one of our motion designers, and we add voiceover, music or subtitles.

The entire motion design process is monitored by a project manager, ensuring that the production steps comply with your expectations and the identity of your company. Our Motion Design process combines creativity and strategy to deliver the desired result. To learn more about our Motion Design creations, visit our website.

In short, motion design is a very popular technique, especially on social networks. Feel free to contact us for more information.