Why make your own photos instead of using image bank photos?

Why make your own photos instead of using image bank photos?

The pictures that appear on your site or your communication media will be responsible for the first impression a prospect has of your company. That’s why these photos must be chosen carefully to attract attention at first glance. Small clarification: using images taken from image banks without being free of rights, or without buying them, is illegal.

Personnalize your photos

For your site or your communication media, it is important to personalize your company photos, because your differentiation will be made initially through them. Indeed, they must look like you and give a real impression of your company. This will ensure uniqueness in the eyes of your customers and prospects, which will lead to a relationship of trust. Image bank photos are similar and becoming more and more common. By using them, you do not create a difference with your competitors, because they will have had this reflex too.

Also, personalized photos, taken by professional photographers, will showcase your company’s values and create a real differentiation from your competitors. Your creativity will be put forward and you will be able to attract your customers at first glance. Finally, these photos will be made to measure and will be used to optimize your referencing, particularly through renaming and post-production of the photos.


To meet your expectations, it is advisable to call on the services of professional photographers, who will be able to capture the challenges of your company and highlight your assets. In addition, they will be a source of proposals and advice to achieve your objectives. The advantage of using photographers and not image banks is that you can have a real contact with whom you can discuss your desires and expectations.

These photographers can also create a long-term strategy for your site, social networks or communication media. You can call on them for every need without wasting time looking for the right photo on the image banks. This can be interesting for a given event or to make your greeting cards for example. Another negative point of image banks is that videos are not available to you, and it is necessary today to have a corporate video to be visible.

This type of service has a cost, but the investment you make today will allow you to attract prospects and customers tomorrow. They will see a real creativity and difference compared to your competitors. You have to attract their curiosity.

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