Which style of photos to adopt on Instagram?

Which style of photos to adopt on Instagram?

Instagram is now the preferred social network for the younger generations. The quality of the photos and an impeccable presentation are essential to have a style of your own and a beautiful Instagram feed, in order to attract followers. The latter will guarantee the visibility of your posts, and thus of your products or services.




This would be the most important advice to make your Instagram account attractive and enjoyable. Indeed, it is unthinkable to have blurry photos on this social network, because its essence lies in the publication of photographs. Good quality photos are therefore to be preferred. On the other hand, simple photos will be just as effective as photos that are searched for and filled with objects. The trend is now towards very refined photos dominated by light and cold tones.

For filters, it is recommended to keep the same filter style from one photo to another. Even if the most popular photos do not have a filter, the most popular are Willow, Sierra and Valencia. In any case, avoid saturation if you do post-production, which scares off followers, and overly marked filters that distort the picture.

Another trend that may be interesting to present different products is flatlay. This technique consists in taking pictures of flattened objects and is perfectly suited for your advertising shoots. This allows you to group several products in one photo. You can also take contextualized photos of your products, such as food staged with tableware and table decorations. This technique is also useful because it avoids shadows. So, have fun taking a variety of photos, while keeping a certain harmony for your account.


And precisely, a harmonized account will be pleasant at first glance, it attracts the user directly to your Instagram account. To have a harmonized account, it is advisable to focus on one color, which will be declined on different photos of the account. As we have said, cold-coloured accounts are the most popular at the moment. If you prefer warm colours, the important thing is to keep a harmony throughout your Instagram publications. Similarly, to build loyalty among your followers, it is wise to keep a common theme on your account, such as fashion or architecture.

As you may have noticed, the white margins left on the sides of Instagram photos are trendy. Indeed, leaving blank spaces on each side, or only at both ends to create a rectangle, makes it easier to view your account. This is often used by photographers or influencers. The latter generally have very pleasant accounts, from which we can draw inspiration. Their accounts are full of good ideas about photo framing, colours or popular publication types.

To conclude, your Instagram account should not only include stylish and quality photos, but also be part of a harmonized package to make the consumer want to buy. But that’s not all, don’t forget the hashtags to be accessible to the greatest number. They are especially useful for referencing your photos, and thus your products or services on Instagram.

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