The use of drones in photo / video

15 May 2019

Today, drones are always more efficient: greater stability, better range, etc. They offer more and more possibilities, but how can you use them to bring added value to your company’s communication ? How to use them in the production of photo and video multimedia content ?

The interest of drones in the production of photos and videos

Depuis quelques années, l’usage des drones professionnels se démocratise. Parmis eux, différentes marques se détachent: Dji Phantom, Dji Mavic, Dji Spark, Parrot. Il est désormais courant de réaliser (ou faire réaliser) des prises de vues aériennes haute définition grâce aux drones. Ces derniers permettent en effet d’avoir accès à un grand nombre d’endroits, qui sont parfois inaccessibles autrement que par drone. De plus, étant équipés de stabilisateurs d’images, les rendus sont exceptionnels. Cette stabilisation est essentielle pour la production de photographies et vidéos drones de qualité.

Leur capacité à voler à basse altitude offre également l’opportunité d’obtenir des plans rapprochés, impossibles à obtenir depuis un hélicoptère par exemple. La porte est donc ouverte à une multitude de nouveaux usages de la prise de vue aérienne.

Enfin, l’intérêt écologique du drone est indéniable. Les engins sont électriques, et n’émettent donc pas de CO2. Si l’on compare cela à une caméra embarquée dans un hélicoptère, la performance écologique ne fait pas l’ombre d’un doute. Cela incite donc de plus en plus d’entreprises à utiliser des prises de vue drones pour leur photo ou vidéo afin d’avoir des contenus plus personnalisés que ceux issus de banques d’images, sans pour autant avoir un lourd impact sur l’environnement.

Some sectors where the use of drones can provide high added value

Here are some examples of specific sectors and activities in which the use of drones can be particularly beneficial.

The real estate sector

Future buyers like to have a vision of the environment in which they are about to live. They like to have a global vision of their future real estate. When the surroundings are suitable (proximity to a park, a lake, a forest, etc.), taking pictures in a drone in real estate can make it easier for you, as a real estate agency, to sell your property. Especially since professional drones are equipped with HD cameras.

The hotel sector

One of the first things most people do before booking a hotel, cottage, etc. is to look at satellite images of what the place looks like. However, these satellite shots do not necessarily value the places at their true value and remain impersonal. Using remote-controlled drones to take beautiful photos or a short aerial video of the site therefore makes it possible to give a better view of the environment, particularly thanks to the possibility of flying at low altitude. You will thus help your potential customers to project themselves with your photos and videos of hotel or cottage drone.

The event

How to make people want to come to your event other than by showing them how exceptional it is. For example, the aerial shots of the festivals will be the envy of all festival-goers looking for an exceptional atmosphere. Using drones for the promotional film of your event can make your communication more impactful. You can also make a video with drones to offer unforgettable memories to the participants of your event. For example, during a car rally in the mountains, taking pictures throughout the race over winding roads will engrave the event in the minds of all participants. Hence the relevance of the aerial films of your events.


The photos of splendid landscapes certainly make you want to visit a region. But flying over this same region makes you dream of setting foot in it, of flying over it in its entirety. The expanses and large spaces, the water bodies, the vineyards, the monuments are sublimated thanks to the use of drones and the realization of videos and aerial photographs. It is therefore interesting to use it for promotional videos or photos.

The energy sector

How to promote your renewable energy development actions when the installations in question are too large to be highlighted by a photo classic ? There’s nothing better than taking a look at your infrastructure with aerial videos of a drone to capture and showcase it. Similarly, aerial photography of energy infrastructure can help to show that the “visual pollution” denounced by some is in fact not a problem and that the buildings integrate well into the overall landscape.


And the list goes on and on. drones can, for example, be used to make films of construction sites, sporting events, archaeological sites, etc. The “view from the sky” shots are still impressive, and thanks to the drones it becomes accessible to everyone.

What to avoid for a good use of drones

Aerial photography is now more easily accessible, but let us not downplay the skills required to use a drone.


Indeed, being a good professional drone pilot is not improvised, especially since drone piloting can represent risks (collision, flying over prohibited places, etc.). It is therefore necessary to take the time to train before flying a drone, but also to know the rules concerning their use.

Hiring a professional to take your aerial photos and videos can therefore be a good alternative for quality rendering and without any waste of time related to training in the use of the drone.


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