The key figures that will encourage you to make a corporate video

24 November 2017

The key figures that will encourage you to make a corporate video

Corporate videos will help your customers or consumers to have a real image of your products or your company. It is very beneficial to insert a video on your website or social networks. Exactly, let’s look at the following infographics.

Did you know that we retain 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, but 70% of what we see and hear? This may seem surprising, but videos, which combine sound and image, appear to be the most effective way of disseminating information. With the addition of a corporate video, your prospects will retain more key information about your company. The process is the same if it is a video presentation of your products or services.




We remember information better when we watch a video, especially since one minute of video is 1.8 million words. This means that a video will have a very strong impact on your target audience. Indeed, a video is more striking than a simple text or image. It is important to have a text adapted to your video, but above all not to overload the Internet user with information, at the risk of tiring him/her.



Broadcasting an online video on networks or on your company website is totally in line with the current trend. Indeed, videos are now the most popular format viewed by Internet users. 100 million Internet users watch videos every day, giving you visibility for your video. Having a company or product presentation video increases your chances of conversion.




Watching a company video or product presentation makes it easier for the consumer to make a purchase. This will be all the more true for a product, because the staging can really be a trigger for a purchase. This will require being attractive and making consumers or prospects want to call on you. Originality can be a good asset to stand out.



Including a video on your site or on social networks considerably improves your SEO, more than 50 times. SEO is part of a real visibility strategy, in which your video is located. It will therefore be a real tool to help you stand out and promote yourself. It is therefore an element not to be overlooked.




To conclude, we can only advise you to integrate a video presentation of your company or your products and services. This way, prospects will be able to get an overview of your assets and project themselves as a customer for your company.


If you wish to make a company video, or to present a product, do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we will reflect on the strategy to adopt in order to guarantee your full satisfaction.