Collaborative videos for the employer brand

27 October 2017


Corporate videos are an excellent way to promote your business. However, it is sometimes complex to promote them without being in an excess of valorization of your company. In order not to be subject to this phenomenon, it is advisable to make a collaborative video.

This collaborative video at the service of the employer’s brand, thus features different employees, partners, collaborators or customers. These people are neutral for your target, and will have a strong impact in front of the videographer’s camera. Their opinion, their words will have a greater effect than, for example, those of the director of the proxy company. They will indeed seem more objective and less interested. This creates a real bond with the prospect, who can identify to a certain extent with the customers present on the video.

Collaborative videos are also a great opportunity to see how your employees see you. You will know what they take away from you and what is important to them without having to organize an expensive and often unappreciated audit.
Giving a voice to your partners and team members also shows how important their opinion is to you. It’s a way of strengthening the bonds that unite you even more and making your relationship last.

The director’s job, and later the video editor’s, will be to make these exchanges lively and insightful, in order to give the company a human image. Each person who watches the video will thus be able to project themselves and will be more inclined to participate in the development of your company, in whatever way.

The power of collaborative videos is therefore very strong from both an internal and external point of view. They give a certain humanity and credibility to your company because, after all, who better to talk about you than your employees and collaborators with whom you work every day for a common goal.

Proposing a collaborative video is therefore an asset for your company, if the project interests you, do not hesitate to contact us, we will work together to offer you the right solutions.