The best photo and video ideas for your corporate parties

12 April 2018

The best photo and video ideas for your corporate parties

The organisation of festive events within companies generates billions of euros for the organisers in Switzerland. This figure shows how much importance firms attach to this company event. They contribute greatly to the overall development of the company, both in terms of its employees and its activities on the market. Several techniques for producing your photos or videos can be used to strategically capture your events, including timelapse. But then, how to animate your company evenings? What does the timelapse really consist of? Stay with us and discover all the secrets of a successful business event.


The possibilities are unlimited

The possibilities are unlimited when organising a company event. To be spoilt for choice, it is advisable to use professional organizers who specialize in this field. To properly define the direction you and the organizing team will take, it is important to identify several critical points. First of all, be well aware of the very reason for the evening. Is this a celebration organized to reward deserving employees? Or perhaps it is a periodic event, organized by the company every year, as a tradition. The choice of decoration, installations and theme for the company evening depends greatly on this factor. Then, determine the objective, and the result you want to achieve from this evening. Perhaps you want to strengthen relationships with your business partners? Or do you want to strengthen team spirit among your employees?



In everything, there are always certain constraints that must be considered, and company parties are no exception to the rule. Knowledge of the latter allows you to better refine your corporate event decisions. One of the most important, especially for a firm, surely represents time. Talk to your organizer, and determine the date and time of your company event. To facilitate the management of the evening, decide in advance how many people will be present at your corporate event. Most of the time, your organizer will propose an idea for a company evening, after taking into consideration your needs and expectations. He takes care of the reception area for the guests himself, if you want to organize the party outside your premises.



A company evening can be declined in all forms, all colors. There are theme evenings, Gala dinners, company dinners, cocktails, VIP evenings, show evenings, company evening entertainment, and much more. The cocktail is one of the simplest forms of corporate events. It often only involves employees of a company, without guests from outside the company.

Then follow the company dinners, where the meal is already organized for the guests. It can be organised for different reasons, such as for the launch of a new service or product, the celebration of the company’s creation, or the departure of an employee. It is possible to invite people from outside the company, such as partners, customers or suppliers.



If you want to make a lasting impression through a large-scale communication strategy, then corporate evening events are for you. There is nothing better than to create a festive atmosphere, with a choice of different themes, at your disposal. The setting is informal, unlike a simple cocktail, with animations that can be totally out of the ordinary, or remain rather classic. We can also cite the example of photocall, which is very well suited to any animation. It consists of inviting all the participants in the party to pose for a photo session. You can bring different accessories to disguise your employees. The festive atmosphere is thus ensured, in addition to a team building to strengthen professional ties between employees or business partners.


You can request the services of a professional photographer, who travels throughout the evening to pass between guests, and capture the best shots. Indeed, often, nothing beats a photo taken in the act, transmitting the raw and authentic emotions of the present moment.



It is not only photos that are effective in capturing exceptional events as part of a company event. Technological innovations in video editing, as well as the evolution of different capture devices, have made it possible for more and more animation processes, until recently the preserve of major film production companies, to become accessible to the greatest number of people. Among these animation techniques, there is the timelapse, which has become a must to ensure a memorable corporate evening. The organisers often include it in their entertainment ideas, knowing that most companies only have this word in their mouths when it comes to their corporate events.



The timelapse represents a cinematographic effect, called accelerated, which offers on the photos this unique and characteristic rendering. To obtain a timelapse, several successive shots of the same place, taken over the same time interval, are gathered in chronological order, from the first to the last image. The same is true when producers animate cartoons, the audiovisual specialist scrolls through the images at a rate of 24 photos per second. This gives the optical illusion of this continuous fluid sequence. Due to its technical characteristics, it can only be made by a professional specialist in the field, for an optimal result, although everyone can try it, if they have a Smartphone offering the functionality. The result can be very original as part of a company event.

Any type of company can benefit from the timelapse effect for its corporate events. By way of illustration, here is a timelapse made as part of an FSRM teachers’ evening. In one minute and ten minutes, it covers the entire evening, from the installation, to the arrival of the guests, to the end of the evening. The result is simple, succinct and effective. The observer quickly gets an idea of how the event went. Here is another example of a timelapse directed by JeffHK, published on Youtube. 30 days are condensed into 10 minutes of video and the video shows very spectacular images. The observer may be amazed to see these 30 days pass in ten minutes.




It is necessary to make a video of your evening, in order to create multimedia content for you, but also to be able to broadcast it later. Videos can be used as part of any communication strategy. With its particular rendering, it can be more effective than simple clichés, to mark the minds of observers. A video is beneficial in the context of internal and external communication. It contributes to networking, to strengthen newly created links with potential partners. For example, we could consider emailing, sending videos of the last company party to all employees, shareholders and sponsors. It can also be part of the implementation of a consumer communication strategy.

Videos allow Internet users to understand your company’s values and to reflect a trendy image of your company. Clients will be able to discover your firm in a new light, with a slightly more intimate dimension. And it all comes together quickly, in about a minute, to ensure that the viewer watches the content with interest, right to the end. Videos can also be adapted to all media. It is particularly suitable for websites and social networks to fit into your digital marketing strategy.


The essential element in the realization of a company evening is perhaps the communication around your event. Do not hesitate to communicate internally by creating flyers, brochures or newsletters addressed to your employees. This ensures that all those invited are informed of the event. Just like communication after the evening, communication before the evening is also essential.


If you would like to organize a company event and would like photo and video coverage, please do not hesitate to contact us.