Sports photography

Sports photography.

Team or individual sports, indoor or outdoor ? Our LakeProd photo and video studio and more particularly our sports photographer ensure that you get quality shots and shots during your most beautiful moments of sports.

Sports photography with passion

Sport is a time to surpass yourself, to share, but it is also sometimes a time for sports photography. Indeed, sports photography makes it possible to capture the atmosphere of major events, the athlete’s effort but also the landscapes that surround him. Our photographers take sports photos in burst mode without blurred movement and allowing you to obtain high-resolution visuals and shots.


Sports photography is an exciting discipline but it requires a lot of demands, it requires precise technical knowledge and high-performance photo equipment. Our sports photographer, thanks to his experience in sports events, has all the keys in hand to enhance your meetings and sporting events: swimming, athletics, cycling, trail, hiking, mountain biking, rallying, motocross… sports photography adapts to all environments and can promote your events through authentic communication media. The post-processing of digital photos will improve their sharpness, framing and brightness in order to obtain an optimal result and in accordance with your expectations.

The art of reactivity

In sport, the most beautiful moments can occur at any time. Anticipation and patience are the key words of our photographer. A good knowledge of all sports disciplines is one of the valuable qualities of our sports photographer. Indeed, it allows him to better anticipate the action and movements of athletes. Of course it will adapt to any weather conditions on the day of your sporting event.


Your warm-up sessions, your training sessions, your competitions, your annual events, in teams or individually… Our photographer is at your disposal.


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