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The watchmaking photo. Witness of your know-how.

In the world of watchmaking, showcasing your watch collections or brands is an essential strategy to distinguish your products from other jewellery brands. As competition is particularly fierce in the luxury watch market, strengthening your brand image and highlighting the timeless aspect can make a difference and arouse the interest of your potential customers. Bringing to light the subtlety of each of your products, precious timepieces, is an art that our professional photographers master perfectly. Our photo studio has many years of experience in watchmaking photography and will be able to meet your needs by providing you with its know-how.

Sublimate your watch products and collections

There are several ways to showcase your watches or even your watch manufacturer. Whether luxurious or not, our experts in watchmaking photography know how to make your projects a reality and highlight their prestigious mechanism. Through the search for subtle and creative solutions, they give an extra dimension to all your watch models and seek to enhance them with clever staging.


Depending on your needs and your visual identity, they propose you to sublimate the details of the dial, the mechanism or the various components necessary for the artisanal assembly or not of your watchmaking products. This is always with the focus on highlighting your know- how and the quality of all watches. The shots can be taken in the studio or outdoors, in macro mode or not, with a model, a wrist or not. The staging is discussed and thought out with you, so that your collections are photographed in an appropriate and personalized atmosphere. Enhanced by photos, your watches and watchmaking products will arouse the envy of your customers.

Photo experts at your service

For a professional and creative result, contact our watchmaker photographer. He will take a fresh and inspired look at your watch and clock collections. Our studio photographers will be able to give you the advice you need throughout the project. Our latest generation equipment and our technical and artistic expertise are essential elements in enhancing your know-how and the key to the success of your advertising campaign.

Our watch and watch product photographers can take pictures of your collections to promote them online and for your advertising campaigns, but not only. They can also produce photo reports in your workshops, watch manufacturers and at the launch of a new product or collection. The photographers in our studio are very flexible and know how to adapt perfectly to your communication strategy.


Our studio is involved in many marketing projects and product development. We are always very happy to be able to put our experience at the disposal of our customers, in order to participate in the development of their visual communication on the watchmaking market.


Would you like to highlight your watch and watch product collections thanks to the expertise of our photographers? Do you want to enhance the value of your crafts ? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer all your requests and make it a point of honour to present you in detail all the options proposed by our experts in watchmaking photography.


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