Photographer in Fribourg

Photographer in Fribourg.

Your company is located in Fribourg and you want to use a professional photographer ? Do you want to make a shooting to highlight your company or a particular event ? Our photo and video studio will meet your expectations.

Quality photos that meet your needs

Our photographers in Friburg will be able to put their knowledge and know-how at your disposal to produce creative content and your image. Experienced, they will choose the appropriate locations for your shots and deploy a complete professional equipment, which will ensure you top-of-the-range and high definition shots. In addition, the use of drones will allow, if you wish, to offer a breathtaking perspective to your photos for a unique experience. Come and discover an article from our blog presenting our realizations by drone

The versatility of our team is a real added value: through our various achievements, we have been able to choose the right places and models in all circumstances. Whether it is for events, corporate portraits, packshot, or advertising photography, our photo agency adapts to your needs. We will also devote all our energy to choosing a frame and a photo model for your shooting. We are committed to satisfying your desires and requirements, both in the studio and outdoors, with state-of-the-art photo equipment.


Our photographers from Fribourg work with many companies in different sectors: automotive, cosmetics, culinary… They know the strategic issues that surround them and are best able to provide you with a professional photograph. These achievements will effectively increase your credibility with your customers. Thanks to the organization of photo sessions according to your specifications, you obtain visuals that really allow you to enhance your business and your know-how.

The know-how of our photographers at your service

The experience of our photographers allows them to effectively support you throughout your project, particularly on lighting or post-processing techniques.

Our photographers adapt their photographic style and can travel to your premises or to the place of your choice to facilitate exchanges. In addition, we have a photo studio that we will gladly put at your service. Thus, we will be able to satisfy your desires, whatever your field of activity or the use (website, social networks, promotion of a product…) that you wish to give to your photographs.

You are based in another city ?

Is your company based outside Friburg and would you like to use our services ? Visit our website and find the right photographer for you: photographer in Geneva, photographer in Neuchâtel, photographer in Lausanne…

The word of the photographer

“Fribourg is a unique city that has kept its authenticity and its charm while modernizing itself. This contrast makes it possible to take beautiful pictures in the city. Thanks to this, the photos taken are ideal to highlight products.”


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