Photo shoot

A photo shooting for your communication.

Are you looking for a professional photographer for a photo shoot ? Do you need an experienced photographer for an impactful photo session ? Our teams support you in the realization of your photo shooting with a professional quality result to perfect your image and enhance your business.

Numerous services to meet every need

Our team carries out photo shoots in many fields and has a professional studio. Our photographers can make a shooting as part of an event, to highlight your company, to promote a product (packshot), an advertising campaign or a studio portrait of your team. We support you from the realization of the photos in high definition until their distribution through the various necessary retouching. We put our experience and versatility at your service for a successful photo shoot. Our objective: to successfully convey a message through the image, capture the best moments and highlight your personality.

Lakeprod has the solution for all your corporate shootings

Thanks to the experience and versatility of our team, we adapt to your image needs to photograph landscapes, products and people of your choice. Our video photographers have professional equipment carefully chosen according to the shots you want, such as the drone for outdoor and high shots.


The scenario and angles of view are adapted to your objective, the target and the communication medium you want. The shots are then refined thanks to a post- production made on professional software of your shots and videos. This way, you get retouched photos that will enhance your know-how.

The expertise of a professional at your service

Taking a photo shoot requires both advanced technical skills and great artistic creativity. Our photographers put these two complementary talents at your service. In addition, we have a professional photo studio and state-of-the-art photo equipment to ensure quality photo shoots. Thus, our photographers guarantee you unique photos, according to different shots and lighting, at your company premises, in the studio or outdoors to enjoy natural light. Our cameras are powerful for all types of environments and ensure the quality of a professional photograph.


The preparation of the shooting is very important for its success. That’s why we offer you auxiliary services to perfect your shots, make-up and hair, for example. You can also benefit from our partnerships for clothes and accessories to wear during the photo shoot.

Photo shooting: a powerful communication tool

Images and photography in particular have become essential communication tools. Indeed, 60% of customers only trust companies that show their products in pictures. For maximum efficiency, an original photograph is essential. Thanks to our photo and video editing software and depending on the shooting, the number of prints you want, our professional photographers are versatile and adapt to your needs.


Professional photo sessions ensure that you obtain an aesthetic and effective communication supports, as well as to transmit an appropriate emotion. It is a powerful tool that can be used in all your advertising communication, on your website or your social networks. Discover the photo trends of the year 2018 on our blog.

The word of the photographer

“For me, a successful shooting is when I’ve managed to convey a message through my picture, to show the soul of a company, of a person I’m shooting”


Do you need more information about how to make a photo shoot? Are you interested in our services? We guarantee you quality photos in order to best meet your objectives.


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