Photo reportage & events : the art of transcribing your event.

Do you want to promote your company through event projects? Sports events, company events, inauguration, product launch or flagship meeting, make your event visible with a photo report. On paper as well as on screen, its transcription ensures your success and notoriety on your digital or print media: choose a corporate communication that suits you. Whatever your needs, our photographers put their talent at your service to illuminate all your events in an interactive way.

Are you looking for a professional to highlight an event that is close to your heart or to mark a corporate event? Do you want to ensure customer loyalty by providing photo and video coverage of your professional events? Do you want to improve your brand image through effective communication?

You can entrust us with your photo report and events. We guarantee you quality images that are an excellent springboard for corporate communication. Do not hesitate to call on our best photographers.

An experience in event photography and reporting

Our photographers will produce a photographic report of your event for you. They highlight its exceptional character, as well as the identity and performance of your products and employees: they bring added value to your communication media while being creative. Social networks, printed materials, website, the means of dissemination are numerous: thanks to the work of our experts and their photos, your communication campaigns will only be limited by your imagination. Let our team capture the highlights, the spontaneity of your event. It covers the most prestigious festivals in the Lake Geneva region and will be able to capture the atmosphere of your seminars, inaugurations and other celebrations, abroad if necessary.


The adaptive approach of our specialist photographers allows us to cover all types of sectors: the world of luxury or cosmetics, the press, sport, industry, associations and political institutions. Our approach thus combines fidelity to reality and personalization: we advocate the enhancement by the details, the reliefs that compose your identity by the image in high definition. We are committed to capturing the highlights of your event in order to provide you with unique and memorable photos that will capture your company image. The image processing, then the retouching carried out by our professional photographers will enhance your visuals for a result in accordance with your needs and your target audience, especially to increase your visibility and your presence on the networks.

The photo event adapts to your needs

Do you have a specific request ? Do you want to highlight a facet of your event ? Prefer a defined angle ? Our team is at your disposal.


Our photographers can adapt to all your needs in terms of event photography. We can offer you a staging to transcribe a particular moment of your event. Through this moment, our team will work to enhance the value of your company, as well as to create emotions in your customers or future partners. These will be projected into your company’s activity and will better understand its state of mind. From details, our photographers will highlight the values of your organization, the emotions that emerge. We will thus assist you in the realization of the communication messages that you wish to broadcast through a photo of an event.


Our technical and artistic know-how is at your service for all your event shootings, both in production and post-processing. We can also advise you on the communication strategy and the optimal distribution of your photos, via internal or external media (company magazine, your website, commercial brochures, social networks…).


Responsiveness, strength of proposal, adaptability and rigorousness are the key words of our photographers. They will be happy to put their skills at your disposal for your event reports. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our approach to event photography.


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