Fashion photography

Fashion photography.

Would you like to promote a new collection? Are you launching advertising campaigns? Do you want to attract potential customers? Our LakeProd photo and video studio will help you achieve your goals with fashion photography. A fashion photographer will be at your disposal for a photo session and to provide you with creative visuals, with shots that meet your expectations.

Our team of professional photographers at your service

Our professional photographers put their expertise at your service to promote your collections by shooting fashion and beauty photos. With numerous photo shoots in the field of fashion, they have a rich experience that they will gladly mobilize in of your project. This experience and their versatility will be necessary to take over the codes and trends of your sector, as well as to propose new ideas that will differentiate you from your competitors.


Our team of fashion photographers also use high quality photo equipment to provide you with high-end, ideal and creative photos to promote your fashion items. These images owe their uniqueness to their originality on the one hand, and to a perfect control of the image and natural light on the other. Our fully equipped studio contributes to this excellence.

Why take fashion pictures ?

Photos are decisive in the fashion world: they have a significant influence on customers’ decision-making. The professional approach of our photographers will offer you an elegant, distinguished look that is in line with your brand’s style. In a sector where aesthetics occupies a fundamental place, it is natural to take extreme care of every shot, from lighting to framing and retouching. The shots will therefore highlight the quality of the textures, materials and know-how of the manufacturer.


Finally, our photographers will provide you with ideal photos for professional use (use for your website, social networks, poster campaigns or any type of marketing material).

Contact us and we will answer as soon as possible to your expectations.

The word of the photographer

“Fashion photos are quite recurrent because they are essential to attract customers. The item must be presented at its best, otherwise potential customers will only look at it. The placement of an item varies according to its use during the shooting: is there a mannequin to wear it, or is only the item photographed ?”


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