Photography and social networks

21 October 2019

At a time when social networks are increasingly used by companies and individuals, the distribution of photographs is part of our daily lives and represents an effective way to share ideas, promote products and services.

What opportunities for companies ?

In June 2018, Instagram passed the 1 billion user mark on its platform, Facebook has more than 2.41 billion users, and Pinterest has more than 300 million users in the second quarter of 2019.


These platforms represent an opportunity for companies to reach a wider target audience through “free” and interactive platforms. Social networks are increasingly adapting their offer to professionals, in particular by testing new advertising formats or improving their “Shopping” functionalities. This gives brands the opportunity to extend the visibility of their offers, interact with consumers intuitively and gain more knowledge about how their expectations are evolving.


Nevertheless, the amount of photographic content shared on social networks requires companies to offer ever more impactful and original visuals. The objective: to stand out in order to attract new communities and build loyalty among already seduced communities.


Companies can fully exploit the features of each social network to make their products and services even more attractive, provided they publish quality photographs and have in-depth knowledge of these features. A fairly common example on Instagram: companies that publish photos cut into three parts that give the impression of a panorama format on the feed.

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The emergence of new expectations from internet users

In 2018, 95 million photos were published daily on Instagram. So how to stand out among all these publications ?


Due to the multitude of photographs on social networks, Internet users will become more and more demanding and will be looking for authenticity. From now on, they focus more on the relationship with the brand and the emotions it gives them.

It is essential to highlight your products in an original way on all your communication media in order to create emotion in the consumer. Our LakeProd photo and video studio advises and supports you in the production of professional photographs whatever your field of expertise. To do this, we present your products in an environment that reflects your values, philosophy and image. It is also possible to animate the shots or graphic elements embedded in the image to attract the attention of Internet users on social networks.

Our offer

Our professional photographers work daily with project managers who monitor social networks and use them on a daily basis. This dual expertise allows our photo and video agency to offer companies a fully customized offer for their social networks and according to their sector of activity. We offer you support from A to Z for the management of your social networks and the realization of shots for your publications.


Our video photographers are experts in many fields and have experience in video and fashion photography, packshots, advertising photography and artistic photography. Also discover our achievements in sports photography, particularly with the report by Sofia Gonzalez, future Paralympic athlete at the 2020 Olympic Games and even the 2019 edition of the Nyon Triathlon.


Our team also has skills in real estate photography and architectural photography. Here is an overview of our achievements for the Hôtel du Grand Lac Excelsior, a 4-star hotel located in Montreux.

New opportunities to capitalize on

The emergence of social networks offers new opportunities for companies to promote their offer in an original way while reaching a wider target than before. The number of users on Facebook and Instagram having exceeded one billion, it is necessary to be able to stand out among all the publications distributed daily. Our audiovisual production studio produces photo shoots and reports to enhance your business and adapt them to the expectations of Internet users. We have professional photo equipment, from drones to cameras.


If you would like more information or a free quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.