Photograph luxury products for your marketing campaigns

14 September 2018

Photograph luxury products for your marketing campaigns

Photography of luxury products, such as Swiss watches and clocks, is an integral part of luxury marketing. Indeed, in order for your brand to maintain a good image with your customers, you must brand them from the first visual contact.


Exceeding the marketing strategy adopted by mid-range product manufacturers is the first challenge for renowned brands.

Indeed, they are aimed at a targeted clientele whose sensitivity generally differs from that of the general public. Each photo must therefore meet his expectations, especially in terms of storytelling. Purchasers of luxury products prefer objects that tell a story.

Designing the best products on the market is useless if the photos that are supposed to promote them do them no credit. The products to be photographed should be highlighted, emphasizing their “personal” characteristics. The object is individualized. For example, if the product to be photographed is a table, it is necessary to know how to find the angles that highlight its shape, instead of limiting oneself to a top view and a front view. But that’s not all: it is crucial to identify the personality of the product, to subjectivize it, to give it a character and a history of its own.


One of the main differences between luxury products and others is the finish. A detail can change everything, and even become a registered trademark of the company. This is the case, for example, of the Louboutin shoes and their famous red sole. This essential aspect, if well protected by intellectual property, allows your brand to make itself unique and attractive to customers.

Thus, to photograph luxury products, it is necessary to highlight the details and sophistication or on the contrary, the perfectly refined finish of the object. Everything depends on its design, but the idea remains the same: no question of giving in the blurry holiday photo. If it is a jewel, do not hesitate to use the macro mode to show the setting details or the facets of the cut gems. Similarly, if it is luxury clothing, the embellishments, fabric texture and sewing weaves are all essential elements.

In the case of this Ferrari, do you feel the care taken in taking the picture?

Lakeprod Blog Photographier Produits De Luxe


In the field of e-commerce, competition is increasing day by day. Thus, an effective visual strategy is essential to stand out from mid-range brands. As a result, the details and quality of the product are no longer sufficient to market luxury products. Rather than one or two scattered photos, use a real communication strategy to articulate your campaign. Create a story, a common thread, a link between all your visuals.

The choice of an appropriate environment during your photo shoot increases its added value. What would become of an actor without a script, a play without a set? It is to this storytelling requirement that the contextualization of the product responds. Just like the story, and its strategic background, the shooting location must be carefully thought out.


Luxury products sometimes have an extravagant, even almost crazy side. If this is the case, photography can play on this string to highlight them. Whether in the layout of the object or in the chosen background, the presence of striking details can help create a personalized universe for them.


Depending on the products and target customers, the methods of photographing luxury products vary. However, one constant remains: the enhancement of each product’s particularity, through a content that conveys a history, a real adventure that contributes to personify the object in the eyes of the consumer.


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