Make a good shooting with children

27 November 2018

Make a good shooting with children

Shooting with children, an unusual practice? If your brand produces collections for the youngest, you may have to promote products for children (childcare, strollers, baby clothes, etc.). What could be more natural than to consider an advertising campaign featuring children? You’ve never worked with children before! Don’t worry, we’ll tell you more.

Why should we be interested in children in pictures photo ?

By necessity

As explained above, many brands are likely to sell products for children.


Take for example all products such as plush toys, toys, sweets, baby room decorations, children’s glasses… It is therefore necessary for these sectors to highlight their products with children using them. That is, a photograph with a subject significantly increases the conversion rate. Hence the interest of a shooting with a child model.

To transcribe particular emotions

Some artists have tried all their lives to recover their “childhood“. Children are often associated with spontaneity and affection.


If you want to make the viewer feel sweet and happy, using child models is effective. This is the best way for you to transmit this type of emotion in photos.

The importance of technical details during a shooting with children

Favour natural light

Natural light is the most appropriate during the photo session. In addition to evoking positive emotions, outdoor sets and natural light provide a more natural look with the flash. A play of light is also possible thanks to external elements.

Pay attention to the distance

Photographing the model child in close-up can reduce the depth of your field. However, it is more risky to use this type of adjustment with children. This increases the risk of blurring.

Therefore, favour a certain distance between the child and the professional photographer and avoid close-ups.

Choose your speed carefully

At too slow a speed, the photographer may not be able to capture the child’s movements. The photographer must anticipate the child’s movements in order to preserve his spontaneous side while having a photograph as clear and natural as possible. The same methods as a sports photographer should be used.


The photographer must generally emphasize the small details that make childhood valuable, without taking them too closely or forcing them to excess. Spontaneity, complicity and good humour must be present: we do not expect the same thing from a child as an adult model.

In practice: do not neglect the human factor in the shooting process

Before the photo shoot

During your casting, make sure that the children and parents are ready: both children and parents must be prepared for the shooting, especially when it has an advertising purpose. Communication between the photo studio, parents and child is essential. As models and managers, everyone must be reassured in order to participate in the photo sessions with complete confidence and serenity.


Also provide adequate clothing and a range of suitable accessories: for this, do not hesitate to buy them in specialised shops.

During the photo shoot

A shooting with children can be very emotional. The staging must correspond to the child’s personality but also to your project. Be on the alert: it is essential to be on the lookout to capture the perfect shot.

After the photo shoot

Thank the children, thank their parents. Do not hesitate to reward your young models: you can for example offer them the accessories of the shooting.

The key to a successful shooting with children is simple: preparation. Ask around, choose your models carefully and prepare your settings, as well as the outfits for the shooting. Your photos will be enhanced.


Our teams of professional photographers/videographers can shoot your shots with child models. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.